Honor X10 successfully reached the top! Realize the first 5G connection on the summit of Mount Everest

On May 27, on the 60th anniversary of the first Chinese summit of Mount Everest, the Chinese mountaineering team once again successfully summited Mount Everest. It is reported that the summit of Mount Everest has two major purposes. One is to carry out a comprehensive survey of Mount Everest to provide more reference data for the global plate movement; the second is to test the coverage of Mount Everest’s 5G network.

After the summit of Mount Everest, the team members completed the first 5G call on the summit of Mount Everest in Honor X10 mobile phone, and announced the news of the summit to the world. They also witnessed the Honor moment of China and showed China ’s 5G technology. New heights.

In order to achieve the first 5G call on the summit of Mount Everest, China Mobile and Huawei completed the construction and opening of the highest 5G base station in the world at the 6,500-meter advance camp on Mount Everest at the end of April, and successfully achieved 5G signal coverage on the summit of Mount Everest. This historic breakthrough not only achieved the world’s highest 5G signal coverage, but also provided a guarantee of communication capabilities for subsequent scientific investigations.

Previously, Chinese mountaineers tested the Everest 5G signal coverage at various altitudes with the Honor X10. The results show that, at a height of 5800 meters to 6500 meters, the highest 5G speed of the Honor X10 can reach 1617Mbps, the network connection is very stable, and the 5G signal is always full.

This 5G performance test embodies the ability of China’s 5G network construction on the one hand and the powerful 5G strength of Honor X10 on the other hand. As the Honor X series of super-energy technology products, Honor X10 is fully compatible with NSA and SA dual-mode 5G networks, and has the world’s most 9 5G frequency bands.

At the same time, Honor X10 also has ultra-fast 5G uplink rate, ultra-fast 5G download rate, 5G smart dual card experience, ultra-full 5G frequency band, ultra-strong 5G antenna layout, 5G dual-mode SA / NSA, ultra-fast 5G search network, Super 5G energy efficiency ratio, 5G ultra-low latency, super 5G signal anti-jamming strength and other “5G decathlon” strength ensure its 5G call stability at the summit of Mount Everest.

Unlike previous Everest summits that can only witness the results but not the process, with the help of the Honor X10’s RYYB high-sensitivity photography system and powerful 5G performance, this time the climbers not only captured a lot of desolate scenery on the way to the summit, but also covered The 5G network on the summit of Mount Everest carried back the photos, allowing the outside world to appreciate the beauty of Mount Everest and the real-time status of the team members for the first time, and witnessed the historic moment together.

Successful summiting of Mount Everest means completing another breakthrough in the history of China’s summit, and China will accurately measure the height of Mount Everest for the first time, providing excellent guarantee for subsequent scientific research activities. And another profound significance is that through Huawei 5G base station and Honor 5G terminal Honor X10, it shows to the world that China ’s 5G has reached the highest point in the world, and it also shows that China ’s technology has the tenacity to climb the peak.