Honor Zhao Ming: All suppliers resume cooperation and Qualcomm strategic cooperation is reached

On January 22, 2021, Honor ushered in its debut after independence, and released the annual high-end flagship V40 series with MagicBook notebook and Honor watch GS Pro. After the press conference, Honor CEO Zhao Ming was interviewed and shared Honor’s future plans. He said that after independence, Honor will break through its past brand positioning and aim to “become a global iconic technology brand.”

Today’s Honor, stand on Huawei’s shoulders and move forward

Zhao Ming said that at the product level, Honor will continue to continue its 1+8+N strategy, and in the future will move towards mid-to-high end and continue to build high-end top flagship products. After independence, the Honor will also serve the entire population, from the previous “be brave to be yourself” to provide young people with the most fashionable and coolest products, to “strive to go far”, to polish better and better for consumers with different needs. High-end products.

In terms of innovation, quality and service, New Honor will continue to persevere and continue to polish and gain consumer trust. In future products, Honor will launch its own Mate series and P series. In Zhao Ming’s view, the future development of Honor will definitely go to the high-end market, and will unswervingly build a top flagship that belongs to Honor consumers. Honor has such capabilities and strength.

According to reports, Honor now has a number of capable ex-Huawei executives, including chief operating officer Wan Biao and Huawei product line vice president Fang Fei. These veterans are particularly good at supply chain management, marketing, and channels. In terms of R&D, Zhao Ming revealed that R&D personnel currently account for more than half of the nearly 10,000 employees of New Honor, and Huawei’s top imaging technology giants have joined. Honor can be described as standing on Huawei’s shoulders, with R&D strength More solid.

Zhao Ming also said that the current Honor has inherited many resources of the Huawei system, including the most advanced technology, architecture design and other technologies, and all migrated to the new Honor. It can be said that the current Honor is very strong. I believe that there is passion in this group. With an innovative and powerful team, Honor will go more smoothly on the road to high-end mobile phones.

New Honor online and offline strong expansion

The new Honor after independence will also expand online and offline. Ming Zhao said: “After Honor officially announced its independence to the outside world on November 17, the entire Honor system has changed. In the past, many high-end flagship store retail partners have begun to start the location and construction of high-end flagship stores during the gradual restoration of supply. It is to help Honor in the future improve the ability of cities at all levels to serve consumers.”

Honor 7 years in the mobile phone market can be said to be overcoming obstacles. In the past 7 years, it has achieved countless brilliant achievements. As of 2020, Honor offline sales accounted for more than online. In 2019, it is basically divided into five to five, but by 2020 The proportion has reached about 4:6. At the same time, with the help of Honor’s channel partners, products have covered the fourth to sixth tier markets, and Honor’s first, second and third tier stores are also growing rapidly.

Therefore, New Honor strives to be offline and is a choice based on its own advantages. In fact, Honor has started to use offline channels before. Honor has continuously penetrated and expanded into offline channels since 2015. By the end of 2020, Honor’s offline stores have accumulated nearly 3,000.

After independence, Honor still maintains close contact with suppliers and channel dealers. Since September 2020, Honor has opened new stores in Chengdu, Lanzhou, Wuhan, Xiamen and other cities. In the future, many new stores will continue to open. From this action, we can see that Honor will further expand new channels.

All supply chain partners resume supply, and new products equipped with Qualcomm chips are on the way

In the interview after this press conference, there is also an important message that all supply chain companies of Honor have resumed normal supply. At present, all suppliers of the company have fully resumed cooperation, including AMD, Intel, Micron, Samsung, Qualcomm, MTK (MediaTek), etc., guarantee the normal shipment of Honor phones.

Today’s news about the cooperation between Honor and Qualcomm has been further verified. Zhao Ming revealed that the two parties have signed a cooperation agreement and related products have been refined and polished in the professional team, and will meet with you at a suitable time. In the future, Honor will also cooperate with Qualcomm at a deeper level. For example, Honor will integrate product ideas and requirements into the design of chip solutions to make Honor’s mobile phone products more competitive.

At the same time, Zhao Ming also said that Honor not only develops new products relying on top-level chips, but also plays a very good role in the development of chips, and participates in the bottom layer of the chip to study how to make better use of chip performance. It has strategic value for partners.

In my opinion, this new Honor conference is not only the first step on a new journey, but also the beginning of a comprehensive transformation of the new Honor. Honor will cover more channels, scenes and people, and make all-out efforts to become a global iconic technology brand.