Good appearance, good experience, vivo Y73s becomes a new choice for thin and light 5G

After the sale starts at 10 o’clock today, the new vivo Y73s will be officially shipped soon. Vivo Y73s has attracted everyone’s attention due to its excellent appearance and excellent experience. Vivo Y73s is remarkable in terms of design. The body thickness is only 7.73mm, and the weight is only 171.3g. It is very light and thin, and it is also one of the products that feel very light and comfortable in the current 5G mobile phones.

The exterior design of the vivo Y73s is also very good-looking. The back of the fuselage adopts a brand new matte shower coating and silver ion coating process to create a very brilliant light and shadow change, bringing a very trendy design. At the same time, such a thin and light design is also very attractive to young people. This may be one of the most attractive mobile phones at the same price.

In terms of performance, the front of the vivo Y73s uses a 6.44-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with outstanding display effects. It also supports low-brightness anti-screen flicker technology, so there will be no stroboscopic when the brightness is reduced. This screen can also greatly reduce blue light radiation, even if it is used for a long time, it will not cause eye fatigue.

In addition, the vivo Y73s is also equipped with a Dimensity 720 processor, which not only meets the needs of daily use, but also supports dual-mode 5G networks. Both SA&NSA networks can be used and the network is faster. Vivo Y73s also added a surround antenna, the network speed is faster, and the network is more stable when playing games. Vivo Multi-Turbo 3.0 is also applied on vivo Y73s, which can make full use of the performance resources of the mobile phone and bring more stable performance and signal performance.

In terms of photography, the vivo Y73s is equipped with a 48 million high-definition main camera + 8 million pixel 120 ° ultra-wide-angle camera + 2 million pixel black and white portrait camera, which can fully meet the daily photo needs. The front 16 million pixel high-definition camera, combined with vivo’s five-fold super-texture selfie technology, can beautify the five dimensions of face, skin color, facial features, face shape, and style, which is more natural and better.

Vivo Y73s will officially go on sale at 10 o’clock on October 16. During the transition from 4G to 5G, vivo Y73s should be said to be in the same price range, which is very suitable for everyone to upgrade to 5G.