Good screen is not only Samsung S21 Ultra, OPPO Find X3 is more worth looking forward to

Last week, Samsung’s annual flagship Galaxy S21 series was officially released. With its avant-garde and innovative cool design, the ultimate performance of Snapdragon 888, and the newly upgraded professional imaging system, it has attracted the attention of the industry and consumers. Among them, S21 Ultra has also become the first Galaxy S series model that supports SPen, allowing productivity and creativity to reach new heights. In addition, the screen that Samsung flagship has always been proud of has also been steadily improved.

There are three models in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, of which the strongest screen is undoubtedly the “Super Cup” S21 Ultra.

It is reported that Samsung S21 Ultra is equipped with a 6.8-inch Infinity-O full-view screen, which is Samsung’s first mobile phone that supports both a 120Hz refresh rate and 2K high resolution. At the same time, its brightness and contrast have been increased by 20% and 50% respectively, allowing users to enjoy immersive vivid and clear pictures in the bright outdoor environment. With the addition of a new eye protection mode, blue light can be adjusted adaptively to better care for user health and relieve eye fatigue.

The screen performance of Samsung’s flagship phones has always been excellent. However, as domestic manufacturers pay more attention to the screen, many domestic mobile phones also have good display effects, and even walk ahead of Samsung in some areas.

For example, at the beginning of 2020, OPPO Find X2 series pioneered domestic mobile phone screens, supporting 2K+120Hz to be turned on at the same time, nearly a year ahead of Samsung. In addition, the OPPO Find X2 series also supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, 1.07 billion colors, AI adaptive eye protection system, O1 super image quality engine and other features, and the display effect is firmly in the first echelon. It can be said that throughout 2020, the OPPO Find X2 screen will be a benchmark in the domestic market and even the global market.

In order to provide users with a full range of first-class viewing experience, OPPO’s technological exploration in the field of screens has not stopped.

In recent years, we can see a lot of publicity about the adjustment of the image system. In fact, in the field of screens, software algorithms are equally important. This is the next important direction for OPPO.

Previously, OPPO said that the upcoming Find X3 series will be equipped with OPPO’s newly developed full-link color management system, which allows the entire color link to be collected, calculated, encoded, stored, decoded, and displayed with 10bit color data processing capabilities. The potential of the screen.

The background of the advancement of this technology is that the current Android platform is not perfect in terms of color management. For example, since the color coding of pictures is not the same, if the sRGB file is directly displayed on the P3 screen without color management, there will be color difference, which will distort the creator’s true intention. For another example, even if the camera supports 10bit shooting, but the storage or decoding link does not support, it is equivalent to a waste of top-level camera configuration. OPPO’s full-link color management system exists to solve this type of problem.

It is understood that OPPO Find X3 will be unveiled in the first quarter of this year. Friends who are interested in high-quality screens may wish to pay attention.