Good sound quality and low latency vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones will be released soon

On May 22, 2020, vivo smart terminal Weibo released a video. Although the duration is only 10 seconds, the amount of information is quite large: a true wireless headset named vivo TWS Neo is about to be released, and the main sound quality is good + Low latency. In fact, the two words of sound quality have always flowed in the vivo gene. From the industry’s first X1, which focuses on Hi-Fi sound quality, vivo’s contribution to mobile phone Hi-Fi is definitely a milestone. This model, vivo TWS Neo, is vivo’s second true wireless headset. I believe it has improved in terms of sound quality, function, appearance, etc. from previous versions. This product will meet you at 19:30 on June 1.

Since 2018, the TWS true wireless headset market has entered an era of blooming flowers. Major brands have launched true wireless headset products at different prices. For other brands, the introduction of TWS headphones can resolve the embarrassment of their own brand without 3.5mm audio interface, and vivo TWS Neo does not seem to have to think too much. From the video, we can see that the vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones use a sleek, streamlined shape as a whole, which is stylish and full of technology. The blue and white colors are optional, which can meet the needs of different users for appearance.

The design of vivo TWS Neo true wireless earphones adopts the mainstream “long ear handle” design, the benefits of which are obvious. First of all, the long ear handle can ensure the scientific layout of the true wireless headphone antenna to meet the large-capacity communication needs, even when playing a huge throughput audio file such as lossless music, it will still not be broken; second, the long ear handle can accommodate Has more battery capacity, which means that the life time of vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones is absolutely one of the best; in the end, the true wireless headphones with long ear handles can be designed with a shallow in-ear structure, which is comfortable to wear and has no foreign body in the ear, suitable for long periods Listen.

In addition, we also see from the video that the unit of vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones is obviously larger than other true wireless headphones, which means that the diaphragm of vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones will also be larger. The large diaphragm can bring more surging low frequency, detailed high frequency and warm intermediate frequency, which are advantages that the micro-moving coil and small diaphragm headphones can not match. However, how to solve the problem of large diaphragm adjustment and power supply is a big challenge for the sound quality team of true wireless headphones.

However, this video does not disclose the specific price of vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones, but for the comprehensive judgment of the two-color optional fashion appearance, large diaphragm, high sound quality, low latency, and long battery life, you can actively guess the sale How much is the price reasonable?