Good sound quality + low latency vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones officially released

On June 1, 2020, vivo professional imaging flagship X50 series mobile phones were officially released. Together with the vivo X50 series, vivo TWS Neo true wireless earphones were also released, featuring good sound quality and low latency. 14.2mm super sound unit, aptX Adaptive, DeepX stereo effects bring near CD-level professional sound quality, game delay as low as 88ms not only refresh the industry record, but also greatly improve the stability of wireless connection through intelligent dynamic low-latency technology, allowing users to be real in the game Feel the smooth experience of man-machine integration. At the same time, vivo TWS Neo true wireless headset also has many functions such as sliding volume adjustment, 27 hours of long battery life, one-button flash connection, smart wear detection and so on.

With the love and pursuit of music, vivo hopes to solve the long-standing core pain points of true wireless headphones in terms of sound quality, delay and stability, so that users can seamlessly switch to the wireless world.

First, it starts with the whole process to create a “professional good sound quality” for true wireless headphones. The vivo TWS Neo uses a 14.2mm large sound unit on the hardware, with a bio-fibre composite diaphragm and Japan’s Daikoku pure copper coil, taking into account both high frequency and human voice The low-frequency performance is powerful, whether it is rock or live, it can handle with ease, and the dynamic range with a full sense of usage brings you an extraordinary listening feast.

In terms of wireless transmission, vivo TWS Neo becomes the industry’s first true wireless headset equipped with aptX Adaptive HD audio codec technology, which can provide up to 1.5 times the amount of information of the traditional true wireless headset SBC / AAC codec, up to 48kHz / 24bit , Greatly reducing the loss of audio data, bringing near CD-level sound quality.

In terms of tuning, it also uses the DeepX global stereo effect that vivo first created for true wireless. It provides three styles of subwoofer, clear vocals, and clear treble. It can be turned on globally in the system and is compatible with various audio apps.

In addition, vivo is committed to creating a “stable and low-latency” experience that is almost non-intuitive through technological innovation. Vivo TWS Neo with vivo X50 mobile phone, through the second-generation dual-channel transmission technology and system-level full link optimization, can achieve low game latency as low as 88ms, refreshing the industry record again. In the game, users can feel the precise matching of control and sound, the smooth flow of water, and the unifying experience of man-machine integration.

At the same time, the new intelligent dynamic low-latency function allows the headset to change speed like an automatic car, and intelligently adjust the code rate according to the surrounding environment of the user. According to the actual measurement at the airport, the average number of card sounds can be reduced by 90% compared to the traditional true wireless headset forwarding mode. Even if the user is in a complex environment, it can ensure a more stable connection. There is no need for manual intervention throughout the process, and it is ubiquitous and natural.

In terms of comprehensive experience, vivo TWS Neo true wireless earphones use a single ultra-light semi-in-ear design of only 4.7g, and a 27-hour long battery life with a charging case, which can meet the user’s high-intensity use needs. It also supports sliding volume adjustment, smart wear detection, real-time translation, Jovi voice assistant, find headphones, smart upgrades, smart call noise reduction and one-click flash connection to provide users with a smarter and more non-sense wireless experience.

In terms of price, vivo TWS Neo true wireless headphones are priced at 499 yuan (USD $71) , and will be available at vivo official mall, vivo Jingdong self-operated flagship store, vivo Jingdong official flagship store, vivo Tmall flagship store, vivo Suning flagship store, at 9 pm on June 1 The vivo experience store opens simultaneously.