Google commissioned Samsung to customize chips, involving many fields

On August 5, according to XDA, an overseas media report, Samsung is customizing a chip for Google to track human movement, which is expected to be used in Google’s new wearable devices.

According to XDA, Google has submitted multiple chip related orders to Samsung, including its own mobile phone processor. It is worth mentioning that Google uses its own customized pixel visual core coprocessor on its mobile phone pixel.

In fact, there has been a rumor that Google wants to have its own SOC like Samsung and apple, and use it in its pixel series. As for the mobile phone chip, it is said that its code name is Whitechapel, which is jointly designed by Samsung and Google, and is based on the 5nm process.

The 5nm chip is expected to be used in Google’s next-generation pixel phone. The specific information about this chip is still unknown, so we can only look forward to it.