Google discontinues free unlimited photo backup service, effective June 2021

Nowadays, cloud services have become an indispensable part of mobile phones, and many users are used to backing up photo albums to the cloud. Earlier, Google Photos launched a free backup service, where users can store high-quality photos for free and unlimited amounts, which has been well received by the outside world.

However, this week, Google announced that it will stop this free service on June 1, 2021. At that time, the content backed up with high image quality and speed will occupy the storage space of the Google account.

When the stored content reaches the 15GB limit, users need to subscribe to Google One or delete existing content to continue the backup. At present, the Google One 100GB space price is 1.99 US dollars per month, in addition to 200GB / 2.99 US dollars / month and 2TB / 9.99 US dollars / month options.

However, before June 1, 2021, photos and videos backed up with high quality and fast backup quality will not be affected by this change and will not occupy the storage space of the user’s Google account.