Google I / O 2020 is completely canceled, Android 11 regrets the bounce?

According to news on March 21st, according to THE VERGE, Google has recently announced that it will completely cancel the convening plan of this year's I / O conference. At the beginning of this month, Google announced that it would change I / O 2020 to online, but due to the intensification of the epidemic, Google had to announce the complete cancellation of the meeting.

It is understood that Google stated on foreign social platforms Twitter that in order to ensure the safety of developers, employees and local residents, and in response to the call of the local government in the San Francisco Bay Area, Google decided not to hold this year's I / O developer conference in any form. . At present, the most important thing is to fully address the huge challenges facing mankind.

It is reported that the most anticipated part of the annual Google I / O conference is the latest version of the Android system that will be revealed at the conference. However, with the cancellation of I / O 2020, the release plan for Android 11 this year may change. However, Google has released a preview version of Android 11 in the early stage. Google's Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4 models can be early adopters. Google officials also stated that they will share information about Android updates with users in a developer blog and community forum.

Affected by the epidemic, this year's technology companies that announced the cancellation of offline developer conferences include Apple and Facebook, but most of them decided to hold conferences online, and Google was the first company to announce the complete cancellation of developer conferences. . What do you think of this?