Google is also playing monkey? Pixel series actually uses mid-range processors

As one of the biggest notches in the digital technology circle every year, the secret work of the Google Pixel series has recently been "brought out" by big news. After the Pixel 3 series was exposed before the release last year, a full set of renderings, spy photos, real camera photos, hands-on videos and even violent tests, the new Pixel 4a, which will be released in May this year, was not spared. There are still two months before the release time, and it has also been exposed to configuration parameters, prototype photos, etc. The full exposure package even includes the price-399 US dollars (about 2794 yuan (USD $399) ).

A few days ago, foreign media reported that some parameters of the Pixel 4a revealed the true face of the Pixel 5 series-the mid-range machine. According to the information, in the Google Camera application of Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a is regarded as "photo_pixel_2020_midrange_config", which is clearly described as Google's mid-range mobile phone in 2020.

Correspondingly, there are also media with sufficient mining capabilities to find two separate codenames, Redfin and Bramble, and these two models are equipped with Snapdragon 765G. In other words, this year's Pixel 5 series will be equipped with Qualcomm mid-range processors Come out.

Although every time Google Pixel series is released at the flagship price two months ago, the price will inevitably dive, but this time it directly cuts the processor into the mid-range, so this is no different from the previous Nexus series, more The important thing is that the name of Android ’s flagship benchmarks will not let people lose their hands?