Google pixel 4A released, 50 dollars cheaper than the previous generation

Google pixel 4A was first exposed in December last year and was not officially released until last night.

But for Google, I would never have thought that the exposure time of a low-end mobile phone could last so long.

It’s time to catch up with the iPhone 12.

But it’s not all Google.

Pixel 4A was originally planned to be released at the Google I / O 2020 conference in May, but due to the epidemic, the conference was cancelled, let alone mobile phones.

As Google’s son-in-law, pixel’s attention has always been high, so what are the highlights of the new & nbsp; pixel 4A?

Pixel 4a

Remember that when Pixel 4 was released, the matrix rear lens make complaints about many Tucao. But with more and more similar designs, they feel normal again.

However, compared with other models on the market, the pixel 4a is completely a forced matrix. Draw out such a large area that there is only one lens in it. The model of the camera is still an old friend of IMX 363, with optical anti shake.

With Google’s powerful algorithms, pixel 4A & nbsp; is still a mobile phone that can take pictures of the galaxy.

(official sample)

In terms of body material, pixel 4A uses polycarbonate instead of metal or glass. The back and the middle frame are integrated, and the texture of the whole machine is not bad.

On the front, pixel 4A says goodbye to big forehead, uses 1080p single hole full screen, and jaw control is pretty good.

Using & nbsp; OLED material but carrying back fingerprint may be the biggest slot in the design of this mobile phone.

In addition, the pixel 4A also has a small screen feature, with a screen of 5.81 inches and a width of only & nbsp; 69.4mm, which is only 2.1mm wider than the iPhone se, and there is no pressure on one hand to hold it.

In addition, the thickness of 8.3mm and the weight of 143 grams are also very attractive.

Now that we have achieved small screen and light weight, we must sacrifice something. Pixel 4A only carries 3140 MAH battery, which is not seen in the domestic market.

However, considering that this is a 4G mobile phone equipped with snapdragon 730g, and there is no high refresh rate, rogue software is not as much as local Android, so it is still enough.

Especially when you think of Google’s 2800mah for 90hz / snapdragon 855 pixel 4, you feel that & nbsp; 3140mah is a “big battery”. In terms of charging, pixel 4A supports 18W fast charging.

In terms of audio, pixel 4a is particularly impressive. It not only retains the 3.5mm headphone interface, but also supports stereo dual speakers.

In addition, pixel 4A also has NFC, 8 megapixel front lens, USB type-C & nbsp; 3.1 Gen 1 interface, nano SIM + ESIM dual card, etc.

Finally, let’s talk about the price of this mobile phone.

The price of pixel 4A 6 + 128GB version is 349 US dollars (about 2437 yuan (USD $348) ), and there is no way to attract mainstream consumers in the domestic market.

Not to mention that the price is now all in 5g, even in the 4G era, the snapdragon 730g at this price is difficult to set off any splash.

However, we all know that the same configuration abroad is expensive. The $349 pixel 4a is not expensive, which is $50 less than the previous 3a. Many foreign media have said that it is cheaper.

Google’s official slogan is also “a lot of help, for less” & mdash; & mdash;, which helps a lot, but costs less.

It’s time to learn!

Therefore, we should not blindly use the price of domestic mobile phones to evaluate overseas products. The price is much more expensive after a sea.

I know that you will certainly ask a question:

I’ll give you a straight answer & mdash; & mdash; I don’t recommend domestic users to buy pixel phones. Whether they buy or use them, it’s too much trouble.

In case of any problems with your mobile phone, after-sales is very troublesome.

In addition to pixel 4a, there are 5g products.

Pixel 4A 5g / pixel 5 in autumn

Google has confirmed that pixel 4A 5g and & nbsp; pixel 5 will be launched this autumn, starting at $499, or about 3484 yuan (USD $498) .

It is rumored that the 5g version of pixel 4A will have a larger screen and the rear lens will be upgraded to dual camera. Sure enough, every manufacturer can’t escape the curse of 5g mobile phone.

As for the processor, pixel 4A 5g is located in the midrange and is likely to use snapdragon 7 series processor.

According to the rule of the past, the positioning of the digital series should be the flagship, but recent revelations show that the & nbsp; pixel 5 may carry the snapdragon 765G, and even retain the post fingerprint.

It’s a surprise to drive backward

Due to well-known reasons, Google pixel has not been launched in China, so should the latest pixel 4A and the future pixel 5. Even so, there will still be some geeks, even if they spend a lot of time to get these machines to experience. Are you one of them?