Google removes wide-angle lens astrophotography mode for Pixel 5 and 4a 5G

News on December 30: Previously, Google added an astrophotography mode to its main camera when it launched Pixel5 and 4a5G. However, after Google updated its camera app in November, the Pixel community recently discovered that it cannot be combined with the wide-angle lens cameras of Pixel5 and 4a5G.

It is reported that Google's astrophotography function can shoot starry sky through night vision function in extremely dark environment, and the picture is quite shocking.

Google has not yet commented on this deletion, but the recently updated support page confirmed the change, stating: "On Pixel4a5G and Pixel5, astrophotography is only available for zoom settings equal to or greater than 1x."

It is not clear why Google adjusted the astrophotography function, but as Gizmodo pointed out, it was because of the poor quality of astrophotography photos taken by the ultra-wide-angle lens. Previously, Pixel5 users responded that when using an ultra-wide-angle lens to take astronomical photos, not only the noise in the photos is quite large, but the overall picture appears greenish, which is very different from the astronomical photos taken by the standard lens.

Many users complained on the Reddit forum why Google did this. This behavior of deleting the function without explaining the reason is obviously unacceptable. I hope Google can restore this function in the future. After all, the starry sky under ultra-wide angle is more shocking than conventional lenses. many.