Google's new small-screen mid-range phone also has a 5G version, the lowest or 2740 yuan (USD $391)

On January 17th, a group of Google code names were released in the XDA forum on the Internet. They were Sunfish, Redfin, and Bramble. Because Google Pixel series phone code has always been the fish name, such as Pixel 1 code sailfish, Pixel 1 XL code Marlin. So this group of codenames may be related to the upcoming release of Pixel 4a, or there will be two different models of mobile phones launched.

The forum also revealed some details. "Sunfish" is planned to be equipped with Snapdragon 7150 or 730 processors. This group of chips has been used in many mid-range machines. Another "Red Fin Fish" may be equipped with the Snapdragon 765 SOC processor, which not only supports 5G, but also has powerful performance, comparable to 845 chips. The last code name is "Blackberry Bush", which also carries the Snapdragon 765 processor. But because the naming does not conform to the usual practice of the series, it is speculated that it may not be a Pixel phone or a development version.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to reduce costs, Google has made some adjustments to the Pixel series, such as choosing a plastic body, not waterproof, and small memory. According to previous news, Google Pixel 4a may use a perforated screen with a size of 5.7 or 5.8 inches. It is expected to have three options: black, white and aqua blue. It is expected to be equipped with a rear fingerprint sensor and 4GB + 64GB memory. In addition, this phone may be equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack that users will miss.

Google Pixel 4a may be released in early May this year, and the price is expected to be 399 US dollars, equivalent to about 2740 yuan (USD $391) . What do you think of this new 5G phone? Comments are welcome.

Editor of this article: Lu Zhewen