Graduation and renewal to welcome the tide of machine replacement: OnePlus 9R full of youthful breath becomes the best choice

The arrival of June each year indicates that a large number of students will graduate and enter a new palace of life. In June of this year, the beautiful graduation season came as promised. In order to welcome this beautiful moment, many mobile phone brands have offered discounts for their mobile phone products, so this time also ushered in a wave of replacement.

If the budget given is around 3,000 yuan (USD $429) , and there are higher requirements for game performance, feel, appearance, etc., OnePlus, the quality flagship launched in April this year-OnePlus 9R, may be the most suitable for you. The machine combines value, feel, and game performance, and the recently released benefits of OnePlus are also very good. The price of 2,999 yuan (USD $428) , supports 6 periods of interest-free and 2-year warranty. Take a comprehensive look, at the price of 3,000 yuan (USD $429) , OnePlus 9R is really fragrant.

OnePlus has always been very careful in appearance design. This time the OnePlus 9R is no exception. It uses a combination of glass battery cover and metal camera design, which is exquisite and atmospheric. Even the camera module, OnePlus has also been carefully polished, and it looks like a harmonious beauty. In terms of color matching, the aircraft has added Qingyu color matching in this summer’s graduation season on the basis of the previous black island and blue island.

It is reported that the new Qingyu color matching is selected by the OnePlus design team from hundreds of colors after four rounds of proofing. It seems to have a cool feeling and is very suitable for this June day. In terms of craftsmanship, the back of the OnePlus 9R Qingyu adopts a double-layer AG grating texture process, presenting a soft and full metallic luster. In terms of fuselage size, the weight and thickness of the machine are controlled at 189g and 8.4mm, which is very slim and light.

In terms of performance, OnePlus 9R is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 processor. As Qualcomm’s second flagship processor this year, it has strong performance. In comparison with the previous generation Snapdragon 865, the CPU frequency of the Snapdragon 870 has been increased to 3.2GHz, and the GPU frequency has also been increased to 670MHz, which further releases performance. With OnePlus 9R’s own X-axis linear motor, 4D vibration and other game-specific configuration, it can make players more immersed in it when playing games.

Speaking of the front screen, OnePlus 9R uses a top-level flexible straight screen that supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 8192-level brightness adjustment and 240Hz sampling rate. It is very suitable for game use and can be used in game screen fluency, follow-up experience, etc. Come to the ultimate experience. This screen has also passed the SGS eye protection certification, even if the night is dark, it will not make your eyes feel. It is worth mentioning that, in order to allow gamers to enjoy more games, OnePlus 9R supports a variety of high-frame mobile games, covering many mainstream competitive mobile games.

In other respects, although it is not equipped with the Hasselblad system like the OnePlus 9 series, the OnePlus 9R still maintains excellent image shooting capabilities. It is equipped with 48 million ultra-clear four-cameras, of which the main camera is the IMX586 sensor, and with the image adjustment capabilities of OnePlus, it can meet the shooting needs of users in all aspects. In addition, the machine introduces a 4500mAh battery and 65W super flash charge in the battery life, and it only takes more than 30 minutes to be fully resurrected. On the whole, OnePlus 9R with strong comprehensive strength can be purchased at a price of only 2,999 yuan (USD $428) , which is indeed very affordable for the student party.