Great Wall Motors and Neusoft jointly develop the central computing platform to upgrade the smart cockpit experience

The strategic cooperation between Great Wall Motor and Neusoft group in the field of ICV is further deepened.

In 2020 CES, Great Wall Motors and Neusoft Group officially announced cooperation, which will jointly develop the upper body central computing platform based on the vehicle computing platform (VCP) independently developed by Neusoft group. Both sides said that in the future, they will work together to optimize and improve the intelligent driving experience.

The central computing platform of the upper car body jointly released by both parties adopts the concept of domain controller, which integrates the computing power and decision-making of multiple discrete ECUs such as traditional information entertainment, instrument and body control into a central computing unit, so as to realize the end-to-end cloud computing power balance and rapid transfer of security functions.

This is equivalent to installing multiple CPUs on the vehicle, which can ensure that when a single CPU fails, the vehicle can quickly replace functions through other CPUs to ensure the safety of passengers.


Great Wall Motors and Neusoft jointly release VCP vehicle computing platform

Neusoft group is a 29 year old it solution and service provider. The company has cooperated with Great Wall Motors in the fields of vehicle information entertainment system, T-box, etc.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly research and develop the core capabilities such as vehicle end computing platform, cloud service, big data, etc. through the improvement of software and hardware technology, the cabin depth intelligence will be realized, and the data fusion, computing speed, intelligent decision-making and collaborative control capabilities of Great Wall Motors will be improved.


Prototype display of VCP vehicle computing platform

In 2019, due to the reason that intelligent cockpit can better reflect the value of interior space and its vast profit space, intelligent cockpit has become a hotter industry topic than the Internet of vehicles. Great Wall Motor attaches more importance to smart cockpit, and has cooperated with Huawei, China Mobile, NavInfo, Baidu and other enterprises in relevant fields.

Among the partners, Huawei is one of the three giants of intelligent cockpit system. The other two are Alibaba, which develops Alios, and Google, which is behind Android automotive OS.

Huawei’s CDC intelligent cockpit platform is built on the basis of Kirin chip for vehicle use and the harmony OS operating system of Hongmeng. Its 2.0 version of the harmony OS is expected to be used on cars and airplanes in 2020. Huawei hicar, which was recently installed in the new Baojun rc-6, is just a very lightweight application.  

However, Google’s Android automotive OS has been supported by Volvo, GM and many other car companies. Statistics show that the sales volume of automobile brands that claim to adopt Android automotive OS accounts for more than 50% of global automobile sales.

As a whole, intelligent cockpit is in the stage of system level competition, and the maturity of system ecology and the scale of participants are the key to competition. At this stage, relevant technology companies tend to cooperate with large-scale vehicle enterprises, and vehicle enterprises pay more attention to the underlying interaction ability of technology when choosing partners.