Great Wall: Tank platform equipped with self-developed 3.0T engine + first domestic vertical 9AT transmission

Some time ago, the Great Wall Tank 300 was officially unveiled. The extremely hard-line style, 2.0T engine, 8AT manual transmission, and off-road configuration of the four-wheel drive system have attracted the attention of many car fans.

At that time, Great Wall revealed that the Tank 300 will also have a super version of 3.0T+9AT. This news has also inspired many friends who are concerned about the Tank 300. Looking at it now, Great Wall Motors has not broken its promise.

A few days ago, Great Wall Motor said that the previously announced tank platform can cover three power forms: ICE, PHEV, and HEV, and its engine can achieve 38% engine thermal efficiency. Matching the first vertical 9AT transmission in China, it can achieve the characteristics of lighter weight, better power performance and higher efficiency.


At the same time, the tank platform also has a hybrid combination of 3.0GDIT + 9AT P2, with a total system power of 380kW and a peak torque of 750N·m. By then, if the powertrain is on the tank 300, the car will be in the field of hard-core off-road vehicles in China, but at the power level, it will directly jump to the first echelon.

In terms of off-road configuration, the tank platform is equipped with an intelligent four-wheel drive system, a large-stroke active suspension system, an electronically controlled shock absorber, an active stabilizer bar and three differential locks. The maximum driving force distribution range of the front and rear axles can reach 0~100%. : 100%~0, also has tank U-turn function.

In the intelligent off-road configuration, the tank platform is equipped with automatic terrain recognition technology, which can automatically switch the driving mode to meet the relief function in wading and off-road creeping modes. In addition, the platform also has intelligent configurations such as AI interconnection, OTA technology, and L2 autonomous driving.

It can be predicted that if the 3.0T+ vertical 9AT powertrain tank 300 arrives, it will inevitably compete with veteran off-road vehicles such as Toyota Prado and Jeep Wrangler. After all, in the face of the absolute power advantage of 350kW, there are few off-road enthusiasts. Does it smell bad?