Group interview after OPPO INNO DAY: Integrate industry technology and set industry benchmark

On November 17, OPPO held the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 in Chunsun Building, Shenzhen. The OPPO X 2021 scrolling screen concept machine, OPPO AR Glass 2021 two hardware products, and a super software-OPPO CybeReal full-time Space computing AR application. After the conference, NeochaEDGE was fortunate to have in-depth communication with OPPO Vice President, Research Institute Dean Liu Chang, Product Manager Wayne, and Hardware Structural Engineer Jin Xiang on the above concept products. Here are some interesting details to share with you.

OPPO's investment in AR is very firm

OPPO AR Glass 2021 is the second AR concept product released by OPPO. Regarding the question of what role OPPO plays in the AR field, Liu Chang believes that AR belongs to a new field, so they are doing it with the expectation and goal of exploring and leading This matter, and OPPO's AR is a very important direction for digital twins, so the investment in this field is very firm. Currently, OPPO reserves the core technologies at the bottom of the AR field, including core devices, modules, and core algorithms.

Of course, XR, including AR and VR, has been very popular in the past few years, and the industry thinks it is very promising, but to this day it seems that it has not really shown its skills in the consumer market, and even a lot of bad voices have appeared. For this reason, Wayne believes that it needs to be viewed in two aspects. The first is the question of direction. OPPO believes that people live in a 3D environment, but most of the digital information they are currently exposed to is 2D. People living in 3D have data and 3D information. Therefore, it must be in the right direction. What AR is currently showing is consistent with this direction. The second is the question of time. Although OPPO can’t judge when it’s the right time, from Wayne From the answer, we can understand that OPPO believes that as long as the direction is right, then this should be done, and in the process of doing it, there will be various technologies and experiences that need to be broken through. With ecological improvement, then, before the "right time" arrives, there will be enough technology accumulation.

In terms of content, OPPO believes that the content of the AR field is still in a relatively early stage. Currently, it has teamed up with iQiyi and JD to make some typical attempts. For example, we experienced it on AR Glass 2021. A home furnishing app on, you can use AR glasses to directly see the furniture in the house. The super application CybeReal released at the Future Technology Conference is also a typical AR APP. OPPO stated that it will definitely be adapted to AR glasses in the future.

In summary, in response to questions about the possibility of mass production of OPPO AR Glass 2021, Wayne stated that the mass production of AR glasses is not just a problem of hardware. Based on the interaction on the hardware and the content ecology, it is to determine whether AR glasses can be commercialized. , And when will it be commercially available. To this end, OPPO also hopes that more developers will join next year to accelerate the development of the entire industry.

Concept machine is the benchmark of OPPO's cutting-edge technology

We all know that whether it is the concept machine with no openings in the fuselage that supports the under-screen camera displayed at the OPPO Future Technology Conference last year, or the OPPO X 2021 reel concept machine this year, they are all products incubated by the OPPO Research Institute. Liu Chang said that the positioning of OPPO Research Institute within the company is a team that explores and implements products, which carries a different responsibility than the product line team. In the process of exploration, not only can some gains be obtained from the technical level, but also in the process of realizing products, it plays a role of traction and benchmarking for the company and the entire industry.

When talking specifically about the OPPO X 2021 rolling screen concept machine, the media on the scene paid the most attention to mass production and yield issues. Jinxiang also explained that OPPO's life test of the scroll screen concept machine is still in progress, and it has reached the level of 100,000. That is to say, if it is only opened 50 times a day, the service life can reach five years. Half, even if it doubles, there will still be two to three years, and the current 100,000 times is not the limit, after all, the test is still in progress.

OPPO believes that, compared to folding screen phones, a major advantage of the scroll screen is that it can be steplessly changed. The screen can stay at any stage between the maximum and minimum size, giving users a higher degree of freedom of choice. On the other hand, during the stepless change of the screen, the immersive experience will not be interrupted, which is reflected in our live video. However, Liu Chang also added that making a scroll screen does not mean that OPPO has completely abandoned the folding screen. OPPO has a "technical shelf" inside, and the folding screen is also a very important technical item on the technical shelf.

Through the annual Future Technology Conference, OPPO will share new achievements in the technical field with consumers every year, and we can also get a glimpse of the prototype of OPPO’s future products from numerous conceptual products and conceptual technologies. I believe that in these technologies In the accumulation of precipitation, OPPO will bring us more excellent products.