Group interview after OPPO Zhimei Life Meeting: Making TV for the first time, hoping to surprise users

On October 19th, OPPO held a Wisdom Life conference in Shanghai and officially launched two OPPO TV products, OPPO Smart TV S1 and OPPO Smart TV R1. At the same time, meeting with us is the high-end wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling headset OPPO Enco X.

Combined with OPPO's other products released this year, such as OPPO Watch and OPPO Band, OPPO has completed the preliminary IoT hardware ecological construction. After the meeting, we had the honor of interviewing Yi Wei, general manager of OPPO's emerging mobile terminal business unit, Huang Shunming, general manager of the smart large screen product center of OPPO's emerging mobile terminal business unit, Yu Zhipeng, marketing general manager of OPPO's new mobile terminal business unit, and OPPO's emerging mobile terminal business unit Wu Lianjun, senior product manager of acoustics. Answer more in-depth questions about the product and some plans of OPPO in the future loT.

▼Yi Wei, General Manager of OPPO Emerging Mobile Terminal Division

OPPO is making TV for the first time, hoping to surprise users

You may think that OPPO will launch a high-quality smart TV, but they did not expect this 4K 120Hz 120% NTSC smart TV, the price will be set at 7,999 yuan (USD $1143) . In fact, there is no need to be surprised by the price of OPPO Smart TV S1. After all, all of OPPO's IoT products have a very good price/performance ratio so far.

OPPO Smart TV S1 is positioned as a high-quality TV. Therefore, in order to give users an excellent experience, OPPO has made a lot of efforts in audiovisual. For example, a 4K 120Hz QLED panel is used, and the NTSC color gamut coverage reaches 120%, which is the highest level in the world. Of course, it can not be said that for the best picture quality, some very high-cost solutions are adopted at this stage, which violates OPPO's product philosophy. After all, if a product cannot afford its price, it certainly cannot be regarded as giving back to consumers. This is why OPPO Smart TV S1 does not use top technologies such as 8K and OLED in the industry.

The cooperation with Dynaudio in acoustics actually originated from the experience of cooperation with Dynaudio in the era of OPPO Blu-ray machines. Both OPPO Acoustics and Dynaudio pursue the essence of sound and will not over-render sound effects. Among the many speaker manufacturers, Dynaudio may be the most suitable one for OPPO smart TVs.

With an excellent audio-visual experience, the next thing to solve is the problem of film source. OPPO Smart TV and Tencent Video have in-depth cooperation, but it does not mean that video content of other platforms cannot be seen on OPPO Smart TV. Users only need to search or call Breeno in the search box, and they will find the content they want. It may be from Tencent or other platforms. Users actually don't need to think about where I want to find videos.

As for the question of whether the TV will have a boot advertisement, Huang Shunming, general manager of the Smart Large Screen Product Center of OPPO's Emerging Mobile Terminal Division, gave the reply:

For example, when we see a lot of things, it actually recommends me very accurately and gives me a very pleasant feeling. Some things are annoying at first glance. That's how well your algorithm understands users, and whether it is valuable to users, and now there is no way to tell you whether there are advertisements.

▼Huang Shunming, General Manager of Smart Large Screen Product Center of OPPO's Emerging Mobile Terminal Division

OPPO Enco acoustic products have a very important position

The price of 999 yuan (USD $143) makes OPPO Enco X the most expensive acoustic product of OPPO. But as a high-quality wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling headset, the price of OPPO Enco X is definitely reasonable.

OPPO Enco X's computing platform comes from a customized chip from a domestic supplier, which has a certain improvement in computing performance, noise reduction effect and delay compared to other platforms. Let OPPO Enco X in the case of increased functionality, a single battery life reached 5.5 hours.

From last year to now, OPPO has released 7 Enco headsets, which are faster than many mobile phone manufacturers. This is because OPPO, as a consumer electronics manufacturer, has audio and visual genes. In the product planning lines of other manufacturers, earphones may only be part of the massive IoT ecosystem hardware, but in OPPO, acoustic products will be a major focus besides smartphones.

Therefore, OPPO Enco X was born to prove that OPPO also has the ability to make high-level acoustic products. In the future, there will be more excellent acoustic products waiting for OPPO to tap.

▼Lianjun Wu, Senior Acoustics Product Manager of OPPO's Emerging Mobile Terminal Division

Focus on users, a clearer loT strategy

At the OPPO 2020 Developers Conference last month, OPPO introduced us to the latest IoT field plans, such as Energizing Action 2.0 and HeyTap Health Platform. There will be more third-party devices connected to OPPO's system and interconnected with OPPO's core entry products.

Personal entertainment, sports health and family are the core of OPPO's focus. OPPO smart TV is the most important product in the home scene. In the future, entry-level products will be launched around these three scenes. All scenarios and all services are not OPPO's goals in the IoT field. The advantage of OPPO loT products is the seamless connection between devices, that is, users use it quickly, data transmission speed is fast, and safe, and there will be no privacy leakage behavior.

▼Yu Zhipeng, marketing general manager of OPPO's emerging mobile terminal business unit

In addition to the smartphone sales platform, offline stores will have more loT product experience areas, such as integration areas and interconnection experience areas, allowing consumers to participate in product sales.

We can expect that OPPO is already a rising star in the loT market. I believe that with more than 10 years of experience in smartphone manufacturing and a vast user base, OPPO will bring us more excellent products.