Gsmarena’s most anticipated technology for mobile phones ranked first under the screen camera

One year ago, 2019 was chosen as the first year, which witnessed the launch of a number of 5g enabled mobile phones. Operators rapidly expanded their coverage, so millions of users can try mmwave network. Recently, gsmarena voted for the most anticipated mobile phone function in 2020, among which the under screen camera ranked first.

With regard to the development of mobile phone functions, shooting performance has always been the focus. Now many mobile phones are equipped with high pixel and high magnification lens, and many mobile phones are equipped with dual zoom lens. Gsmarena said three zoom phones might be available in 2020.

Of course, when it comes to cameras, we have to say that the most concerned off screen camera technology at present. Although the prototype of the off screen camera has been on display for many times, whether it can be mass produced or not is still of great concern.

In gsmarena’s voting activity, under screen cameras accounted for up to 35% of the votes. However, the possibility of mass production of off screen cameras is very small in the short term. Perhaps in the second half of 2020, this technology can make new progress. Gsmarena believes that folding screen mobile phones, 240Hz refresh rate screens, and 100W charging technology are more likely to be popularized and developed in 2020.