Guo Mingyu: All iPhone 12 lenses need to be upgraded, Apple should upgrade shortboard from 6P to 7P

At the same time that the epidemic brought trouble to Apple, it also formed a huge impact on the global industry chain. In this environment, all mobile phone manufacturers will have a very difficult time this year.

According to a report given by Tianming International analyst Guo Mingxuan, the epidemic will not affect the development route that Apple has formulated for the next generation of iPhones, and the specific situation this year is that the wide-angle lens of iPhone 12 will be upgraded from the previous 6P to 7P , And the size has reached 1 / 1.9, and supports Sensor shift.

According to the previous statement given by Guo Mingxuan, the iPhone 12 will include four models, which were originally scheduled to be released in September this year. However, it is not clear whether the delay will be postponed under the impact of the epidemic.

It is reported that the 5.4-inch version included in the iPhone 12 is a dual rear camera, while the 6.1-inch version is also a dual rear camera. The other 6.1-inch version is a triple rear camera, which also provides a ToF camera, while the 6.7-inch version is a rear triple camera. The camera also supports ToF lenses, and the new machines enjoy the treatment of 7P lenses.

According to the previous industry chain, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 may be equipped with a new design (the entire iPhone 12 series will be), such as the right-angle bezel similar to the current iPad Pro or iPhone 4, and it will also be Apple This year's smallest iPhone with "bangs" is smaller than the iPhone 8 (4.7-inch version).

In addition, Apple plans to order OLED displays from BOE of China in 2020, and this order will make BOE the second largest OLED display supplier for the iPhone. Apple has been seeking to diversify its manufacturer sources. Apple initially only used Samsung to produce OLED displays, but in order to avoid dependence on a single supplier, and to reduce costs, Apple added LG as its supplier in 2018.