HAKII Harbin Ranger experience: pleasant sound quality and quick response

In the past two years, true wireless headphones have become a necessity in the lives of many friends. The choices of these types of headphones on the market are also very rich, and there is also a trend of segmentation. For example, the true wireless headphones of e-sports have been very popular recently. Popular, I bought a HAKII Swift headset a few days ago, and it feels pretty good after using it in these two days.

This headset is now available in black and white colors, using the UV piano paint process, and the color matching with the orange color design, so it looks very dynamic, and the feel is more delicate, and relatively It is also more wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, and after a period of use, it can maintain the original color.

HAKII, as a domestic brand, has been popular in the field of true wireless headsets in the past two years. Most of its products are young, and the style is more fashionable and fresh, which is more in line with the tastes of generation Z players. This time, the packaging design of this HAKII Swift is relatively simple, which is not much different from the previous products of HAKII.

This headset also provides a wealth of accessories.In addition to the headset and the charging box, as an in-ear headset, there are also additional ear caps, as well as a USB-C interface data cable for charging, and finally includes a storage Bag, and a more detailed manual.

The charging compartment of the HAKII Swift is a long strip, which adopts a magnetic opening and closing method, which can support connecting when the cover is opened, which is more convenient to use. In addition, this charging compartment also has an LED light indicating the battery level, so that the battery level can be clearly understood in daily use. In terms of battery life, a single headset can be used for about 5 hours, and a total of 20 hours of battery life can be obtained with the charging compartment.

Objectively speaking, the charging compartment of this headset is not small and exquisite, but it feels good, and this white-orange contrast design is also very beautiful, which is more in line with the positioning of its gaming headset. And the charging compartment itself also uses the now very common USB-C charging interface, which will be more convenient for charging.

As a true wireless headset that focuses on gaming experience, HAKII Swift is equipped with a PixArt master chip. With PixArt Green Radio technology, you can get lower latency and better compatibility. In game mode, the latency of this headset can be It is limited to about 60-90ms, so as to obtain a smoother sound and picture synchronization effect and improve the operation experience in daily games.

Of course, in daily use, the sound quality when listening to music should be of more concern to everyone. The HAKII Swift headset provides two modes of music and games. The hardware uses DLC-type diamond diaphragms and Daikoku pure copper voice coils imported from Japan to achieve a relatively balanced tri-band performance. The frequency brings a crisper effect, and the vocal part will appear more real, and it can also achieve a more satisfactory effect in detail reduction and transient response.

In terms of operation, touch control should be the way of real wireless headset operation that many people prefer. The same is true for this HAKII Swift. You can use touch to complete operations such as making and receiving calls, playing and pausing, and switching tracks. The response is more sensitive when used. And there are necessary voice prompts, which are more intuitive to use.

As for calls, HAKII Swift adopts the ENC four-microphone noise reduction program. When making calls outdoors, it can effectively reduce wind noise, traffic noise and other common noises, so as to obtain clearer call sound quality. In addition, during the voice conversation in the game, the ENC noise reduction can also be used to obtain a better call effect, so as to communicate with teammates more conveniently.

When using this kind of true wireless earphones, the waterproof function should be more needed by many players. After all, it is inevitable to get some sweat and water splashes in daily use. Thanks to the characteristics of HAKII Swift with IPX5 waterproof and dustproof capabilities, this headset can not only avoid damage caused by splashing, sweating, etc., during daily use, it will also be more convenient to clean.

After using it several times in the past two days, I feel that the stability of this headset is not bad when worn, and it has good sound insulation performance. During normal exercise, most of the time it can ensure that the headset is stable. However, it should be noted that wearing headphones for a long time to listen to music and play games is not conducive to hearing health, so although HAKII Swift has a good music and game playback experience, it should not be used for too long.

In general, as a gaming headset, HAKII Swift is more known for its workmanship and design. The sound quality of the headset and the experience of gaming are also quite good. It does have certain advantages compared with headsets of the same price, especially the delay control. The above is better. If you don’t have a fever for sound quality and you prefer to play mobile games, then HAKII Swift can be a more worthwhile choice. No matter playing games or listening to music, you can get more exciting Satisfactory experience.