Haoli Conference Tablet Eco-powered Upgrade Comes on Tmall Double Eleven

In the first half of 2020, as the domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic stabilized in the second quarter, the overall economic situation recovered, and GDP increased by 1.4% year-on-year. Although the epidemic slowed down the overall domestic economic growth, it played a driving role in the commercial tablet market. Based on the needs of remote office work in various industries, the total sales volume of the conference tablet industry in the first half of the year was about 153,000 units, an increase of 42% year-on-year, and the sales were about 2.57 billion yuan, an increase of 9% year-on-year, showing a trend of rapid growth overall. According to a research report on China's commercial tablet market by Ovi Revo, the annual growth rate of conference tablet sales in 5 years will exceed 30% in 2020-2024!

In the first half of 2020, the TOP10 brands of conference tablets accounted for 75%, slightly higher than H1 in 2019. The market competition pattern is stable, and the TOP10 brands have a solid market position. In an environment where the market is multiplying and the competitive landscape is relatively stable, the conference tablet market still has a large space.

Among them, product services, conference room IoT ecology, technology research and development, and user needs will become important competitive points. The Haoli conference tablet gradually reveals its advantages in new competitive points, and the leading high-end conference is emerging.

Adhere to user needs as the core

Simple and efficient is the eternal theme of smart office

In 2020, the largest post-90s generation is already 30 years old, and some post-00s have also entered the workplace. These young people have become the main grassroots and middle-level forces at work and the main user group of conference tablets.

For the younger generation who grow up in a more open environment, simplicity is directly a group characteristic of them. The appearance design and interactive operation of the Haoli conference panel advocate the concept of simplicity and meet the core needs of users.

With the OTA system as the bridge structure, it connects the Haoli conference tablet system and user usage scenarios, and continuously tracks the user experience of each shipped tablet.

Through user demand feedback and big data used in the scene, Haoli User Experience Center continuously optimizes the usage details of conference tablets. Through the OTA system, it regularly upgrades the terminal product system every month to continuously improve the user experience.

Join the Huawei Cast+kit technology ecosystem

Reconstructing conference room hardware ecology in the Internet of Things era

Traditional meeting rooms often only need a projector or a handwritten whiteboard. Modern meeting rooms, smart lights, mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, conference tablets and many other devices are added to the meeting room ecology, and things are connected. The era is approaching.

Faced with the changing needs of conference scenes under the trend of the times, the primary task of the new conference room ecology is to improve the efficient connection and collaboration capabilities between multiple terminal devices.

Huawei's Cast+kit technology is a technology that solves the connection efficiency between different devices. This year, the Haoli conference panel will join the Huawei Cast+kit technology ecosystem, which will promote the ecological construction of Haoli’s future meeting rooms and improve the centering of Haoli conference tablets. Multi-device collaboration efficiency in the meeting room.

On the basis of improving the efficiency of connection and collaboration, it will bring more possibilities to the future conference room ecology, expand the scale of the industrial chain, and promote the rapid development of the conference tablet industry.

Won the national high-tech enterprise certification

Continuous technological innovation, continue to lead high-end conferences


At the end of 19, Haoli obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. This honor has stringent requirements for corporate management and patent output, and reflects Haoli's ingenuity in taking the road of independent research and development. In the first half of this year, the conference tablet market has further trended towards large-size products. The sales share of 75-inch and 86-inch products has increased significantly, accounting for 24% and 31% respectively, an increase of 6% and 5% year-on-year.

Changes in market demand and size changes are not just a number for the market. A larger size means more sophisticated technical support, which can bring a better user experience. Technical research and development is hard power.

Haoli Conference Panel R&D Center is located in the Shenzhen headquarters, with a total area of 100,000 square meters. It has a high-precision structure test laboratory, a high and low temperature humidity and heat laboratory, an optical testing laboratory, a vibration test laboratory, an acoustic laboratory and many other modern large-scale experiments. room.

And establish cooperative relations with national key universities, continue to develop the echelon of technical talents, and continue to lead high-end conferences through large incremental R&D investment each year.

618 sales double crown

6 months no reason to return goods, good service is serious

In the mid-year shopping festival of this year, Haoli Conference Tablet won the double crown of JD Tmall 618 in sales. The trust and support of customers is our determination to persist in providing service. For different scenarios and space sizes, conference tablets use different specifications to make the scene use experience better, which requires professional pre-sale service support for pre-purchase selection.

In addition, the installation and training of conference tablets also need the support of corresponding services. Therefore, for the industry of conference tablets, service is one of the most important links besides products. Haoli has built a comprehensive sales based on user purchase and usage scenarios. Front, sale and after-sales service system.

A number of offline outlets across the country have been established to support free on-site installation training, and the industry has proposed 6 months of unreasonable return. This is not only confidence in product quality, but also a determination to focus on improving user experience. We are serious about serving well.

In March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology implemented the "Special Action Plan for the Digital Empowerment of SMEs". Policy support will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and promote the development of the industry. According to a research report on China's commercial tablet market by Ovi Revo, the domestic commercial conference tablet market is expected to maintain a relatively high growth trend in the next 5 years, with sales growth at about 30% and sales growth at about 25%.

With the huge market increment, the Haoli conference panel has maintained a rapid development in user demand, scene experience, technology research and development, and meeting room ecological construction. It is beginning to empower high-end conferences.