Happy New Year with Changlian Video Call! Huawei Smart Screen S series is worth taking home during the Spring Festival

In December 2020, Huawei’s smart screen family ushered in the new S series, and the layout of the S series, X series, and V series has been completed. The new S series is positioned at mid-to-high end, with everything in terms of configuration, and the minimum starting price is only 3000+, which is more suitable for the thousands of ordinary consumers. It is the Spring Festival holiday, buying for myself and for my parents is a good product that can be used in the hall.

At the basic model level, Huawei’s smart screen S series includes S55, S65, S75, S Pro 65, and S Pro 75 in five versions. The author concluded after the trial, the priority models are S55 and S Pro 65. The price and screen size of the two models are quite different. The former is 55-inch 3199 yuan (USD $457) and the latter is 65-inch 4899 yuan (USD $700) . If the budget is sufficient and the living room is large, it is recommended to purchase S Pro 65, which uses a 4K 120Hz full screen and is equipped with a split camera. The visual effect is better, and the expansion function is stronger.

The core reason why Huawei Smart Screen is defined as a smart screen, not just a TV, is that it can achieve many experiences that even Internet TVs cannot. As a home smart center centered on the living room, Huawei smart screens can implement special functions such as distributed operation, uninterrupted calls, family K song, and multi-screen interaction. These are the advantages of Huawei’s ecological products.

Starting from the actual situation, in this Spring Festival when the epidemic has not completely dissipated, many friends are destined to be unable to answer the reunion with their families in their hometown. The conventional way is to use mobile phone video to call the New Year, but if you have a Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 65 at home, you can start the smooth communication through the camera on the smart screen. The machine is equipped with a 13 million-pixel magnetic AI smart eye as standard. It can make 1080P high-definition video calls on the big screen and meet family members in a warm way at the center of the family, which will also make the year more enjoyable. The AI Eyesight can be removed independently when not in use to better protect the privacy of family members.

For families who can be reunited during the Spring Festival, watching the Spring Festival Gala with Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 65 with a 4K 120Hz refresh rate is also a visual feast. In addition, the S series has built-in 4*10W speaker units, including 2 10W full-range speakers and 2 2W tweeters. The software algorithm has Huawei’s unique three-way horn speaker design patent blessing, and the hearing will also be a pleasure .

It is also the blessing of excellent sound quality that Huawei’s smart screen S series also adds a national K song function. You can order, practice, cut, sing, and even score on the smart screen, and you can also synchronize K song records with the mobile App cloud.

For young people, it is indispensable to spend time with their children when they go home, and it is also an excellent time to discuss mobile games with elementary school students. But if you have a Huawei Smart Screen S series in your home, you can use distributed technology to open a new way of gaming. Let the game run on the smart screen, and the mobile phone acts as a gamepad, and the whole family can enjoy the joy of the game on the big screen.

In addition to games, children can also watch many interesting educational content in the education channel on Huawei’s smart screen, and learning is not boring. Huawei Smart Screen also supports eye protection mode, focusing on the protection of children’s eyesight.

There are many ways to play Huawei Smart Screen, such as one-touch projection. Young people have been busy for a year outside, and they save many wonderful photos on their mobile phones. You can push these images to the big screen to share with your family and tell the story of your struggle outside.

In the past decade, the rise of smartphones and mobile Internet has changed the way people connect to the world. Nowadays, the launch of Huawei’s smart screen has also brought a new way to open the living room. Through the continuous extension of scene functions, people are willing to return to the living room. No matter from the audiovisual feast or the technological function, the Huawei Smart Screen S series is a good product worthy of family ownership.