Hardcore features can also be a sweet confession, OPPO Find X2 Pro can help you tell the story of Qixi Festival

As the saying goes, likes cannot be hidden, and the Qixi Festival tomorrow is just the best day to express the meaning of love. Maybe you are still thinking about how to confess to your loved one. I don’t know if you have ever thought about it, a phone that looks like a hardcore phone has actually written a love letter for you quietly behind it. This afternoon, OPPO’s official Weibo released the Qixi Festival poster for Find X2 Pro. Let’s take a look at how this phone can help you tell the story of Qixi Festival!

For couples in love, they will be immersed in WeChat chat or phone porridge whenever they have time, and they are reluctant to separate for a moment. The battery emergency is a very scary thing. At this time, Find X2 Pro’s 65W super flash charge comes in handy, and it only takes 10 minutes to charge 40% of the power. In the blink of an eye, you can add energy to the rest of the chat. At the same time, OPPO’s super flash protocol also has the feature of low fever, and it is also a good choice to talk while charging. It can be said that “I am not worried about the battery, I am afraid I will miss your news.”

If 65W flash charge is a letter from a passionate lover, what love does Find X2 Pro have for lovers who have not yet entered a formal relationship? Like but not dare to approach is the most common state at this stage, but even if the distance is far away, “my eyes can’t help but focus on you.” When I got up the courage to confess, I was full of expectations, “I hope that after I speak, you will no longer be a distant landscape.” In fact, the mentality of paying attention in the distance in the distance is very similar to taking pictures.

The main camera of Find X2 Pro supports a full-pixel omnidirectional focusing system. The success rate of 100% pixels involved in focusing in a dark environment is 97%, dimly lit alleys, and quietly chatting western restaurants. These may happen in the night scene of Qixi Festival. Don’t worry about the phone focusing, pulling the bellows and shooting a bunch of paste to interrupt the happy mood. Lift the phone easily, easily “focus” the person who is most important to you, and record the critical moment. At the same time, it also supports the second-generation 10x hybrid optical zoom. Swipe the screen gently to bring the “distant scenery” to your eyes. When traveling outdoors, you can capture every smiling face without fear of distance.

OPPO’s copywriting cleverly linked the function of the mobile phone with the Qixi Festival, and it also aroused the emotional resonance of everyone. Many netizens forwarded their comments and expressed their love in their hearts. Since Find X2 Pro not only has a powerful configuration, but also can help you sweetly confess, this kind of mobile phone that can be sweet and salty is definitely a perfect match for Tanabata, and gifts or whatever is perfect. At present, the FInd X2 series is continuing to sell well. Find X2 starts at 4499 yuan (USD $643) and Find X2 Pro starts at 5999 yuan (USD $857) . Now there are 12 interest-free premium offers. Don’t miss it!