Hardcore performance and large screen experience HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus is the absolute first choice for gaming

The game book can be said to be the handle of the notebook industry, because every time the e-commerce data runs down, the game book must firmly occupy the main position. In fact, the reason is very simple, fierce social competition has caused great pressure on young users, and the most trouble-free way to relieve pressure is undoubtedly to relax and relax by playing games. Previously, many users chose the game book mainly to look at the configuration, thinking that as long as the configuration can keep up, they can play well. It was not until HP released the new OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus gaming notebook that it was discovered that the high configuration and the large screen were the best match for the gaming notebook.

Whether it is a gaming notebook or a gaming desktop, or even a mobile phone we have now, the display screen is definitely the first element of interaction. Therefore, for the purchase of gaming laptops, the quality of the monitor/screen is an important component that directly affects the user experience just like the core hardware such as CPU graphics cards. If the hardware level scores a full score of 1, the screen also scores a full score of 1, so the combined total score must be greater than 2.

In order to get a full score of 1 on the HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus screen, many upgrades and optimizations have been made.

First put the 17.3-inch screen into a smaller notebook. It is understood that the new HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus is nearly 10% smaller than the previous generation, and the thickness is also reduced by nearly 11%. When I got it in my hand, I would never think that this is a 17-inch laptop. When you turn on the notebook, you can see this 85% screen-to-body ratio, which can be said to be the most portable 17-inch gaming notebook at present.

The second is the upgrade of the screen. The HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus comes standard with 2K, 165Hz gaming refresh rate, 100% sRGB high color gamut screen, which is definitely the standard configuration of gaming gaming notebooks.

In actual use, the 1080P resolution gives people a direct feeling that it is not fine enough, full screen grainy, and greasy. If you use the camera’s macro function to shoot, this rough picture is more obvious; and the 2K resolution will be twice the pixel point than the general 1080P, so the picture will be more detailed; the display screen can be more High-density display images will greatly improve the fidelity and increase the immersiveness of the game.

At the same time of high resolution, the refresh rate of HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus has also reached the standard of gaming screens, with no ghosting, no tearing, and low latency, making the movement smoother and restoring the ever-changing game battlefield. With the increase in refresh rate, the picture looks more coherent. This is especially true in games, so why do e-sports players need a high refresh rate, because the continuity of the picture looks more comfortable, 165Hz can see more pictures in 1 second than 60Hz. In the FPS game, enemy probes, during the entire process of probe recovery, 3 heads can be seen at 60Hz, with intervals and disconnections in the middle, while more than 6 heads can be seen at 165Hz, which still changes continuously. This advantage is still obviously.

With a large-size, high-resolution/high refresh rate screen, the display color is naturally not too bad. HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus comes standard with 100% sRGB high color gamut, which looks very comfortable. In fact, the display parameters may not be experienced in the game. Others such as watching videos and photos can enjoy the high-saturation color picture, and the Shadow Elf 7Plus has also passed the Rhine Eye Care certification, which not only solves the problem of users playing cool games. , But also more concerned about the health of players. In addition, DC dimming solves the problem of PWM dimming screen flicker, and the eyes are not tired after long-term use.

In order to enhance the game attributes of HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus, the whole series is equipped with the latest Intel 11th generation Core processor, and is equipped with the highest RTX 3080 graphics card, which perfectly supports ray tracing technology and DLSS 2.0 acceleration engine, thus making the game effect and The number of frames has reached the top level.

In addition, HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus has also upgraded PCIe 4.0 gaming-grade solid state drives, which have significantly improved read and write bandwidth compared to PCIe 3.0. In the actual game experience, games like “Red Dead Redemption” and “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” are very slow to load the map, but the HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus is very smooth during the loading process. There are indeed not many game books. Kind of bad experience. In addition, the HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus gaming solid-state hard drive is equipped with a heat sink design, even if the temperature is too high, it will not cause a frequency reduction problem, so that the game is smooth to the end.

When buying a game book, we can’t just look at the selling points of one or two surface parameters. This is unreliable and it is easy to step on thunder. What we need to look at is the comprehensive configuration and design. The HP OMEN Shadow Elf 7 Plus gamebook is as perfect as possible, both externally and internally. It has the top hardware configuration and can completely release the graphics performance in the frenzy mode, and the game will no longer be stuck. . A perfect display screen can increase the immersion of the game. It is definitely a rare good product in the near future.

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