Have you received the Honor 30 image love letter? Wong Kar-wai style Tanabata blockbuster, very touched

On Chinese Valentine’s Day this year, the circle of friends was maxed out by two news. One is a lonely widow frog, expressing the self-ridicule of single men and women; the other is the Honor 30 series of “Photo Love Letters” Tanabata blockbuster, with an open interactive ending and the quality of Wong Kar-wai-style film movies, it has successfully hit the circle. Many netizens ridiculed: “Honor, really is a film and television company delayed by being a mobile phone.”

Having said that, this Honor 30 series “Image Love Letter” has cleverly integrated the three characteristics of this model’s camera (50x ultra-stable telephoto, low-light shooting, and AI wonderful capture). Through the H5 open and interactive way, Sweetness and warmth are artfully expressed, and at the same time, the image power of the Honor 30 series is endowed with humanistic care. Perhaps this is the secret of the film’s popularity.

50 times super stable telephoto: more than just “find you”

The first ending of the film, the theme is “Where are you”. It is about a couple who have reunited after a long time, looking at each other across the steps. In the end, the male protagonist through the Honor 30 series 50 times super stable telephoto, sees the dreaming female protagonist and a happy smile.

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Just like the sentence in the film: “No matter how far away, I can’t beat the sentence I want to see you.” How can the beautiful things in life be given up because of distance? All Honor 30 series are equipped with periscope lens. Through reflection and dual OIS anti-shake, it achieves 5x optical zoom and 50x ultra-stable telefocus. It is impossible to challenge many times!

This is a photo of multiple meteors aligned and stacked according to the star points

For example, the Honor 30 series successfully recorded the Perseid meteor shower through flagship image performance. I have also completed the shooting and recording of solar eclipse and twelve constellation makeup photos. It is worth noting that the above shooting was in low light or low light environment. As we all know, night shooting is a watershed for smartphones. How did the Honor 30 series conquer the night?

RYYB Super Sensitivity Shooting: People who want to see you will shine

It turns out that the Honor 30 series adopts the RYYB array filter, which greatly increases the amount of light in the dark environment. At the same time, the Honor 30 Pro+ main camera has the largest 1/1.28-inch CMOS area in the industry. As the so-called “big bottom is crushing people”, super large bottom + super sensitive shooting can make the Honor 30 series fearless of darkness.

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For this reason, in the second ending of the film, the male protagonist meets his girlfriend in the same place at night. Even in the darkest night, the Honor 30 series can take clear and bright photos—just as if: “Those who want to see you will shine.” Behind the poetic romance is the concrete expression of Honor’s technical strength and confidence.

Kirin 990 flagship chip blessing! AI moments are easily available

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The third ending is that the lovers meet in a familiar street. The heroine runs towards the hero, and the hero uses the Honor 30 series to freeze the beauty of this moment through AI. Regardless of how simple the shutter button is, the realization of this function relies on the Honor 30 series Kirin 990 processor, which has a built-in dual-core NPU with Da Vinci architecture and provides powerful AI computing power. Not only that, the Kirin 990 itself has outstanding performance and integrated 5G baseband (supporting NSA/SA dual-mode 5G network), allowing the Honor 30 series mobile phones to play large-scale games without freezing, and 5G surfing the Internet is more comfortable.

Impressive, as well as the stunning beauty of the Honor 30 series

This is not the first time that the Honor 30 series, which has strong camera, great performance, and powerful 5G network speed, has made a big hit. You know, since the release of the Honor 30 series, with his outstanding appearance, he has been a fan of Li Xian and other entertainment stars.

Picture from @李李奉

In particular, the Honor 30 series streamer magic mirror color matching shown in the picture above uses a clever fusion of multiple colors and glass mirror materials. Under different angles and different lights, it presents a “dream like fantasy” Ambilight. Such a Honor 30 series mobile phone with good looks, performance, and no shortcomings in camera, I wonder if you have been fancied? Friends you like may wish to pay more attention, even if the Qixi Festival is over, give the Honor 30 series to your loved ones without dividing the time.