Have you tried to call God of Wealth? OPPO Reno5 Chinese New Year gameplay to accompany you to celebrate the new year

As the most important traditional festival, the Spring Festival is undoubtedly a great time for family and friends to reunite. However, under the initiative of celebrating the New Year on the spot and reducing gatherings, there may not be so many opportunities for face-to-face celebrations this year. However, this does not mean that the taste of the year around us will fade. It is reported that many regions have introduced heart-warming in-place New Year policies, and mobile phones that everyone can’t live without have also brought many New Year games. For example, the built-in Breeno assistant of the OPPO Reno5 series decided to give this Spring Festival something different.

Couplets can be described as a treasure of Chinese culture, and they are also a necessary step to resign from the old and welcome the new every year. Although many families now choose to buy ready-made couplets, many families retain the sense of ceremony and insist on writing by themselves. With Xiaobu Assistant, when thinking about the content of the couplet, you don’t need to open the dazzling search engine, and you can get the answer by asking Xiaobu directly. At the same time, Xiaobu can also provide the corresponding number of couplets according to the needs.

In order to protect the environment, many urban areas have imposed restrictions on fireworks and firecrackers, and many small partners have complained that the taste of the year has faded. However, in the era of environmental protection, there are also environmentally friendly ways to enjoy fireworks. In the case of “fireworks”, the phone screen is instantly filled with beautiful fireworks, and the sound effects are the same as real fireworks. After watching the fireworks, all kinds of New Year greetings followed. Now Xiaobu Assistant has also added the function of sending blessings, which conveys New Year’s wishes in one sentence.

How to welcome the God of Wealth on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year is a big question. In traditional customs, many families hold banquets and post portraits for He Chen, the god of wealth. But in the smart age, of course, new gameplay that keeps pace with the times is also needed. Just say “Call God of Wealth” to Xiaobu assistant, and the phone screen will show the call interface of God of Wealth, and God of Wealth will also send blessings on the other side of the phone. Doesn’t it feel amazing?

As a technology company with temperature, OPPO, while exploring cutting-edge technologies, also hopes to bring more warmth and convenience to everyone’s lives through technology. The new Spring Festival new function launched by Breeno Assistant this time is the best embodiment of this. I believe that in the future, OPPO will continue to use innovative features to show everyone the goodwill of technology.