Here comes Huawei’s matepad Pro: Kirin 990 + two-way charging + multi screen collaboration, starting at 3299 yuan (USD $471) !

On November 25, Huawei released a new generation of tablet Huawei matepad pro. The release of this tablet can be said to directly affect the iPad’s monopoly position in the tablet industry.

This Huawei matepad Pro is a smart light office tablet with ultra-high beauty and strong performance. Its design, endurance, interactive experience and other aspects have achieved the model of today’s tablet. It has excellent strong performance, system level efficient operation, professional creation of Huawei m-pencil pen and keyboard anytime and anywhere, which brings convenient and efficient life and work style for urban new middle class and new elite groups.

Huawei’s matepad Pro uses a 4.9mm equidistant micro frame, no chin, no bangs, and only a 2K full screen with 90% screen share, which makes it the highest screen share in the world. It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s matepad Pro also has a self-developed two hand anti touch algorithm, so that you won’t touch by mistake.

The weight of Huawei’s matepad Pro is only 460g, and the fuselage is even thinner to 7.2mm. The integration and extreme symmetry design make people fall in love with it at first sight. The design of the whole small arc surface and the soft and smooth lines are all for the user’s use experience. In terms of color, there are also four kinds of colors, i.e. white of Fritillaria, grey of night appendix, indigo naturalis and orange of Danxia. Compared with Apple’s iPad pro, Huawei’s matepad Pro has more beautiful colors, better full screen, thinner body, lighter weight and other intimate details.

In terms of the main hardware configuration, Huawei’s matepad Pro is equipped with a new Kirin 990 chip, which adopts the industry-leading 7Nm process, the CPU adopts a three-stage energy efficiency framework and integrates a 16 core GPU super cluster, which greatly improves its performance and energy efficiency. The Da Vinci architecture NPU developed by Huawei, together with the core of AI intelligence, can give full play to the intelligent computing power. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU performance of Kirin 990 chip is improved by 14% for single core, 18% for multi-core, and 39% for row processing.

In terms of endurance, Huawei’s matepad Pro has a 7250mah super large battery, which is equipped with 20W fast charging as standard (it also supports 40W super fast charging), and it is also the world’s first tablet supporting wireless forward and reverse charging technology. Under the typical comprehensive office scenarios such as cross use of email, documents, presentations and forms in WPS, the service lasts for about 11 hours, and there is no need to worry about the power when going out.

Of course, in terms of office, this Huawei matepad Pro can realize “multi screen collaboration” through the emui 10 distributed technology, so that the mobile phone and the tablet can interact seamlessly, and the intelligent split screen can realize multi task processing, making multi application operation effortless.

In terms of price, Huawei’s matepad Pro 6 + 128GB WiFi version only costs 3299 yuan (USD $471) , 4G version 3799 yuan (USD $543) ; 8 + 256gb WiFi version needs 3999 yuan (USD $571) , 4G version 4499 yuan (USD $643) . At present, the pre-sale has been opened in Huawei’s official mall, and officially opened at 00:00 on December 12. During the pre-sale period, 100 yuan (USD $14) deposit can be deducted from 200 yuan (USD $29) , starting from 3199 yuan (USD $457) in hand. Please make an appointment for your favorite users.