High-value content in the eyes of fashion designers to create a notebook must select MSI Prestige 14 in the early spring

The cloth was divided into several pieces by the scissors along the chalk line, which created a wonderful change in the designer's skillful hands, and became a fashionable "tasting robe" for people to go out on the street. Before the birth of this dress, it was already shaped in the minds of fashion designers. They seem to have a sensitive fashion radar, guiding them to smartly match styles, colors, patterns, materials, and other elements to wear. The fashionable and trendy work of their works brings unique beauty.

Wang Siyu of Cancer loves tossing and loves to walk with her feelings. Her delicate and sensual soul makes her unconsciously pursue beautiful things, and sometimes a picture that she sees inadvertently can also make her want to record and create. A good designer needs to be good at discovering beauty and discovering beauty. Perhaps it is this innate artistic cell that made Wang Siyu like painting since he was a child. Although her family had other expectations for her, she respected Wang Siyu's choice. When she was in the third year of high school, she applied for a costume design major from a foreign art school and created a series of works that she is proud of so far. Inspired by "child labor" during the Industrial Revolution, Wang Siyu successfully entered the school of his choice and has now become an independent fashion designer.

Wang Siyu's design style is changeable. For some time, she loves minimalism, and for a time, she loves deconstruction, but recently she prefers bright colors. This rose pink MSI Prestige 14 is her new favorite in early spring. As a designer, on the one hand, she must have her own fashion attitude, and on the other hand, she must also grasp the current fashion trends. Therefore, browsing fashion websites, watching catwalks, and watching fashion blockbusters is also her daily work. The narrow bezel design provides an immersive visual experience when used, with a 14-inch FHD IPS-grade display, the color gamut covers nearly 100% sRGB, and the professional-grade screen presents high-reduction and high-definition pictures without any distortion. Visit the artistic atmosphere of the scene. Both the exquisite design and the perfect color reproduction have won the favor of Wang Siyu.

If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it. "Drawing, three-dimensional tailoring, software equipment, these are tools that help us better achieve inspiration and design." Wang Siyu recalled his learning experience, but for designers Inspiration is still the most important, followed by the sentence "The most important thing is divergent thinking."

Realizing inspiration in the brain is a must for every designer, and powerful tools can help creators and make Wang Siyu's work handy. This MSI Prestige 14 is equipped with Intel's 10th-generation Core i7 processor. The 6-core 12-thread provides better performance than before. For the software commonly used by designers such as PS, it has improved 30% in terms of effects and processing work. Better than ever.

The biggest fear of carrying a laptop when going out is that the battery life is not enough, and the large and heavy power adapter puts additional pressure on the already heavy backpack. For Wang Siyu, a person who loves to walk around looking for inspiration, the laptop's portability and battery life are things she also considers when choosing. MSI Prestige 14 has a standby time of up to 10 hours, 15 minutes of charging can provide 1.5 hours of use, and supports PD fast charging, letting users say goodbye to no power panic, this laptop can meet her recording inspiration anytime, anywhere Flashes.

MSI Prestige 14 not only has a good appearance, but also combines performance, lightness and endurance in one. It can be said to be a nearly perfect notebook. I also believe that this Monarch Prestige 14 content creation book will definitely become the most worthy of a notebook in the early spring of 2020.