High value is more expected to see the selling point of vivo S6

Since the official release of vivo S6 phone information for the first time by vivo, the vivo S6 has received the attention of many young users. As a product specially designed for young users, the vivo S6 not only has a beautiful appearance, but also is very functional. powerful. Vivo S6 will be officially released at 19:30 on the evening of March 31, at which time major platforms including Bubble.com will broadcast the conference live.

Be a 5G phone that young people like

This year is a year of rapid development of 5G. Prior to vivo S6, vivo has launched a number of 5G mobile phones. Vivo S6 will be the first 5G mobile phone of the vivo S series, and it is also a key step in vivo's overall 5G layout. According to the official information, vivo S6 will be equipped with dual-mode 5G new products, bringing users faster and more comprehensive 5G network support.

In addition to 5G, the vivo S6 is also worth looking forward to in terms of taking pictures. The vivo S series has been performing well in selfies, and it is also a highlight of the S series. So how does the vivo S6 improve in selfies?

In the officially released video, the vivo S6 can also retain all the details of the cat in extremely poor light nights, suggesting a breakthrough in its ability to take selfies at night. At the same time, the theme of "Light up the night and light you" also indicates that the night selfie will be one of the core selling points of the vivo S6.

Finally, in terms of value, vivo S6 has three new colors: Danube, Swan Lake, and Jazz Black. Among them, the Swan Lake and the Danube River have adopted gradient color matching. The Swan Lake is generally white in color, with a lilac gradient in the white, while the Danube uses a blue-purple gradient.

In addition, the official has also released videos multiple times, indicating that the vivo S6 will have a lightweight body, and the weight is likely to be controlled within 200 grams. It is not difficult to see from the videos and real machine pictures that the back of the vivo S6 adopts a 3D curved surface design. The back cover is harmonious and rounded before the middle frame, and it should feel comfortable to hold the hand.

Liu Haoran holding hands with vivo S6

Vivo has officially announced the spokesperson for the vivo S6, that is, the domestic new generation power actor Liu Haoran, then what kind of spark will Liu Haoran and vivo collide with?

Yesterday morning, the official vivo also "ridiculed" Liu Haoran's selfie and initiated a Weibo topic interaction with # 教 刘 昊 然 自拍 #. Under the endorsement of Liu Haoran, it is bound to bring more youthful vitality to vivo S6.

Witness the debut of vivo S6 tomorrow

Vivo S6 can be said to be one of the most popular mobile phones among young users. Although a lot of information has been released online, the key information such as core configuration and price are still in the secret stage.

Tonight, vivo S6 will officially meet us. What are the secrets of the new 5G selfie phone vivo S6, waiting for the official announcement tomorrow night!