Hisense 5G reading mobile phone A7 CC version is on sale, reading books with large ink screen is more enjoyable

On December 22 last year, Hisense launched the 5G reading mobile phone A7, which includes the classic ink screen and the CC version of the color ink screen. The classic ink screen version has been recognized and loved by a large number of consumers once it was launched, making those who like to read books. , You can read and socialize directly on the 5G reading mobile phone. Now the CC version of the color ink screen is finally officially on sale at 10 am on February 1st. It supports arbitrarily switching between the color screen and the ink screen, the color screen is switched for daily use, and the ink screen is used for reading and reading. Two display methods are available for you to use More natural and free. The product has been put on the Jingdong Mall. The new product is on sale and enjoys 12 interest-free periods. It also presents a Jingdong Reading Year Card and a good medical examination package. Friends in need should not miss it.

Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC version is equipped with a 6.7-inch super ink screen, using an ultra-short optical path front light, the color contrast is stronger, and the brightness is softer. The screen adopts the second-generation printed electronic paper technology. The RGB pixel points are arranged compactly, the color edges are smooth, the color ink graininess is effectively improved, the overall picture is clearer and more delicate, and the ink fineness and color space are comprehensively improved. Come closer to the visual experience of real paper.

The mobile phone screen adopts a slightly curved edge design, and the body fits the palm better, making it comfortable to hold and not supportive. The back of the fuselage adopts the AG matte process back cover, which feels fine and smooth, and is not easy to stain oily fingerprints in daily use. The volume buttons on the side of the fuselage are embellished with red lines, making the fuselage more agile. The fuselage is also equipped with a high-fidelity HIFI chip, equipped with 1217 super linear speakers, which can present high-fidelity, surging and shocking sound quality, and have a better listening experience when listening to music or books.

Hisense 5G reading mobile phone A7 CC version is equipped with T7510 5G processor of Unigroup Zhanrui Tiger Ben T7510, which has strong processing performance. It also supports SA/NSA dual-mode 5G network and can obtain smooth and high-performance software operation and high-speed and stable Internet experience. The mobile phone has also upgraded the Wifi mimo dual antenna technology, and 5G hotspot sharing allows friends to use high-speed Internet access. Hisense 5G reading phone A7 CC version also has a built-in 4770mAh large-capacity battery, which can be used for a whole day without pressure. The 18W safe fast charge helps you quickly replenish the battery.

In addition, the A7 CC version of Hisense 5G reading mobile phone also has more practical functions, which can open the lock screen reading function and add an alarm clock lock screen style. The system also supports dynamic refresh, application bleaching, dark night backlight and classic four mode switching, bringing the most comfortable experience in different environments. The new UI design is adopted, the icons are more three-dimensional, the text is more prominent, and the visual effect is improved. It also supports 500+ icon customization and stepless adjustment of fonts. It can be easily adjusted to the most suitable display state. Daily use and reading are more natural. Comfortable. Hisense 5G reading mobile phone A7 CC version is a good combination of modern smart phones and ink screen electronic paper books, which can bring you a brand new experience, and friends who like it can start and feel it.