Hisense Laser TV stunned out of the circle of national brands called "Buy All China" live broadcast

With a big screen TV, it’s so cool!

Children take online lessons, learn to entertain, and do both! Dominating the screen, chasing dramas and movies, that is a fun!

But the only problem is that after watching for a long time, it is easy to fatigue and hurt the eyes. I really can’t afford it!

It is better to change to a laser eye-protection TV to make the living room a home theater and education center in seconds. In this way, we can free ourselves freely and unfettered!

The good news is here! At 20 o’clock in the evening on August 28, Gome Retail & CCTV News “Buy All Over China” live broadcast and landed in Shandong. The live studio has both Shandong gourmet specialties and trendy home appliances. Among them, our Shandong brand Hisense will also appear in the live broadcast room, and Hisense’s 80-inch laser eye protection TV will make its C-position debut, bringing you a stimulating and fun large-screen entertainment experience.


As for this TV, when it comes to its goodness, I’m going to “talk about it”.

First, it is a work of art

In a 3 meter living room, the 80-inch giant screen is the golden ratio, just right! The piano black paint process and Caesar silver high-gloss color make the texture fill life.

Secondly, why can it protect the eyes?

It has a super strong ability to resist ambient light, can highlight the image, day and night, not disturbed by sunlight. The reason is that the Fresnel passive bionic screen is used, which is super light resistant and can easily lock the colorful world.

At the same time, the screen looks comfortable and looks natural. Through laser diffuse reflection imaging, the natural look and feel it brings is healthier, which is better than the 20% comfortable light perception of paper reading. Simply! In terms of color, it also has a high color gamut of 113%, which is as true as possible.

It is said that it cares for the eyes because it can automatically adjust the light. After using the smart chip with the direct sensor, it automatically senses the distance of the object, and automatically reduces the brightness within the range of 0.5 meters to 1 meter. If you look directly at the power supply for 5 seconds, it will automatically turn off, thereby protecting your family’s eye health.

In addition, its configuration is quite good!

Harman Kardon’s customized subwoofer can restore every detail of the sound, whether it is sung in a low voice or passionately, it can be presented delicately. Through Dolby Atmos, three-dimensional surround space is also realized, and the real listening experience at the scene level is leveraged!

It is also very smart, can perform in-depth voice interaction and image recognition, and create rich content resources to meet all your content needs. Its 3+64GB large storage also guarantees smooth running of games and movies.


Very good, right?! As a living room AI audio-visual entertainment center, whether it is children’s education or watching movies, it is the best choice in terms of configuration, functions, experience, and eye protection!

It’s worth mentioning that when you place an order in the Gome live studio, you will not only receive a special offer, but also give away an Apple wireless bluetooth headset worth 999 yuan (USD $143) , which is super cost-effective. The live broadcast room also prepared many first-line home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, rice cookers, soymilk machines, and Huawei mobile phones. Don’t wait, go to the Gome “Buy All China” live room to snap up!

At 20 o’clock in the evening on August 22, lock the Gome WeChat mini program, JD Gome official flagship store, Pinduoduo Gome official flagship store, and CCTV news client, Douyin account, watch live broadcasts, grab good products, “buy all over China” Shandong Station, make your life better!