Hisilicon Kirin 820 specific specifications announced: significantly higher than the 810

Later today, Honor will officially announce the Honor 30S phone and Hisilicon Kirin 820 chip. At present, some people have exposed the detailed specifications comparison of Hisilicon Kirin 820 and 810.

According to this information, the CPU part of Kirin 820 is composed of one large core and three medium cores, both of which are ARM Cortex-A76 architecture, and the frequency of the large core is higher. The CPU core uses the ARM Cortex-A55 architecture.

The GPU part of this chip uses ARM Cortex-G57 MC6, and the NPU part still uses Huawei's self-developed architecture, with 1.33TFLOPS computing power.

△ Honor 30S rendering

Both the Kirin 820's ISP and baseband have been upgraded to the same Kirin 990. The ISP supports 4K @ 30 / 60fps recording, while the previous generation products do not support 4K @ 60fps. Compared with the previous generation products, the baseband part has added 5G network support.

In addition, this chip will support Kirin Gaming + technology, it can be said that it should not be called excessively "Little Kirin 990". As a product facing the mainstream market, I believe that Hisilicon 820 can continue the excellent performance of 810.

As for the actual parameters of Hisilicon 820 and the actual performance of the Honor 30S equipped with this chip, let us look forward to the launch conference later today.