HKUST iFlytek was invited to participate in the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference

5G is a new engine driving industrial upgrading and a new kinetic energy to empower thousands of industries. On November 19-21, 2020, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. will join hands with hundreds of domestic and foreign partners to hold the 8th China Mobile Global Partner Conference in Guangzhou.


With the theme of “5G integration into all industries, digital intelligence leading the future”, the conference adopts a combination of online and offline forms, and comprehensively showcases the latest 5G+ achievements through various modes such as exhibitions, forums, salons, signing, and live marketing, and further promote The innovative application of 5G will accelerate the construction of a new 5G+ ecosystem and help the development of the digital economy. Nearly 150 exhibitors presented the pavilion content in the form of VR panoramic virtual space.

As a core strategic partner of China Mobile, iFLYTEK has participated in the event for eight consecutive years and brought its latest products and solutions to allow partners and audiences to experience the many possibilities of 5G+ in close proximity, accelerating the new 5G infrastructure in many ways.

Talk about the future of 5G, AI empowers application upgrades

At the meeting, Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, emphasized in a keynote speech titled “Create a New Information Service Ecosystem and Expand a New Blue Ocean of Digital Economy” that China Mobile earnestly implemented General Secretary Jin Ping’s “Accelerate 5G network and other new infrastructure construction” The spirit of important instructions, in-depth implementation of the “5G+” plan, accelerate the integration of 5G into all industries, serve the public, and promote 5G to become the aorta of social information flow, an accelerator for industrial transformation and upgrading, and a new cornerstone for the construction of a digital society. Facing the new stage of development, China Mobile will further deepen the connotation of the development strategy of creating a world-class “power building”, focusing on promoting digital intelligence transformation and achieving high-quality development, fully implementing the “5G+” plan, and accelerating its construction into a network power and a digital China , The main force of a smart society, promote the integration of information services into all industries and serve the public.


At the conference, Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of HKUST Xunfei, sent a congratulatory video. He said: “As the single largest shareholder and important strategic partner of HKUST Xunfei, China Mobile has achieved very important cooperation progress in many aspects in the past year. Today, , The third-party entrepreneurial team surrounding the iFLYTEK artificial intelligence open platform has reached 1.57 million and realized more than 900,000 applications. We look forward to making the future data dissemination more and more convenient in the 5G construction process.”


Jiang Tao, co-founder and senior vice president of iFlytek, and He Xiaoguang, Zhu Jiaquan, Fang Jian, Zhao Xingyu, Sun Dongping, and Shi Feng, vice presidents of the carrier business department of iFlytek, were invited to attend the conference and brought a large number of the latest applications of iFlytek , To promote the development of “5G+”.

In the “Smart New Online, Digital Leading New Future” sub-forum, Jiang Tao delivered a speech entitled “Integrating Digital Intelligence, New Online: AI Empowers New Online Integration of Intelligence and Upgrade”. He said that the landing of artificial intelligence has been in the past few years. With the rapid development in 2015, the results of artificial intelligence continue to emerge in more and more fields. “These results are inseparable from the continuous iteration of the three elements, including core algorithms, large-scale scenario application data, and To have these algorithms and continuous iteration of product users, the three are indispensable.”


Under the wave of new infrastructure, the downstream application market of the 5G industry was launched on a large scale. At the subsequent China Mobile Industry Capital Cooperation Forum, Jiang Tao said: “With the advent of the 5G era, the in-depth development of artificial intelligence and the application of smart products are entering a high-speed Growth period. As a member of China Mobile’s entire family, HKUST iFlytek has conducted in-depth discussions and cooperation with China Mobile. In the future, AI+5G can be used in education, medical care, politics and law, smart cities, and consumer-oriented smart homes. Continue to create more innovative results.” Xunfei heard to provide real-time Chinese and English transcribing on-screen support for the entire seminar.


Talking about the future cooperation plan with China Mobile, He Xiaoguang, Vice President of the Operator Business Unit of HKUST Xunfei, said in an interview: “On the one hand, Xunfei will work with China Mobile to continue to strengthen the construction of new 5G and AI infrastructure. Through the construction of smart middle stations, 5G will serve thousands of households and industries, and lay a solid foundation for data and technology. On the other hand, HKUST iFLYTEK will continue to use its core technology to drive development in China Mobile’s 5G+AICDE and CHBN four-wheel drive Under the strategic planning of China Mobile, we will continue to expand the results of strategic cooperation in product integration and innovation.”


Promote the integration of “5G+AI”, Xunfei’s latest application on display

The integrated development of “5G+AI” and the joint construction of the “head” and “brain” of the new infrastructure will effectively promote the “shifting growth rate” of China’s digital economy. At the exhibition, HKUST Xunfei brought a series of star products such as smart voice remote control, telephone answering assistant, fantasy desk, education large screen, Xunfei acoustic imager, Xunfei·Tuling industrial cloud platform, etc., aimed at education, medical Provide a series of convenient and intelligent solutions in various industries such as, justice, industry and so on.


Among them, the intelligent voice remote control is an integrated software and hardware product that provides full-process intelligent voice interaction for TV users. The user can use the voice remote control to complete TV set-top box operations such as program on-demand, channel switching, and movie search through simple voice dialogues, which solves the user’s pain points of cumbersome operation using traditional button remote control in the IPTV+mass content era.

The fantasy desk can transform small pieces of cards into a variety of complex physical models and even abstract elements, and display the learning content in 3D graphics, making teaching aids, training environments, and experimental topics more scene-oriented. Present vivid teaching content for teachers and students.


Gathering momentum and win-win situation

Since China Mobile’s strategic investment in iFLYTEK in 2012, the strategic cooperation between the two parties has formed more and more landing results: Lingxi Cloud has strongly supported C-end applications such as Migu music, Migu video, Migu reading, audio and video ring back tones, etc. Innovative, the number of calls per day exceeds 200 million; in the direction of smart home, it provides smart voice remote control for China Mobile Magic Box, which currently covers 150 million homes and has more than 20 million active smart voice users; AI technology helps China Mobile’s smart middle station construction, Currently supporting 48 tenants of 23 provincial companies and professional companies, 73 AI capabilities and applications are shared, effectively supporting China Mobile’s production and operation, and achieving enterprise-level AI capability reuse and data sharing; AI intelligent customer service will enable stock operation, and it is expected The number of intelligent voice responses in 2020 will exceed 1.3 billion.

At the same time, iFlytek’s industrial scale and capital market value have also achieved sustained and healthy growth.In 2019, revenue exceeded 10 billion. China Mobile’s investment in iFlytek has exceeded 10 billion so far. The two parties have achieved industrial harmony. A win-win situation at the two levels of capital.

With the integration of 5G into all industries, a highway to the future digital society is rapidly being rolled out. In the future, iFlytek will continue to work with China Mobile to implement the “5G+” plan, continue to leverage their respective core advantages, continue to deepen strategic cooperation, provide more users with artificial intelligence-based services and products, and fully contribute to the country’s digital economic transformation and development. Industrial upgrading.