HMD's first 5G mobile phone, Nokia 8.3 appeared on the UK retailer page

Due to the impact of the epidemic, HMD’s mobile phone release plan this year was completely disrupted. Until now, HMD has not launched any 5G mobile phones. Fortunately, HMD finally does not plan to continue to release pigeons. The first 5G mobile phone Nokia 8.3 has been exposed on the British retailer interface.

As HMD’s first 5G mobile phone, Nokia 8.3 will be equipped with a 6.81-inch LCD screen and Snapdragon 765G processor. Nokia 8.3 will also be equipped with a rear-mounted four-camera combination, and will use Oreo design. Although previous exposures have stated that the main camera of Nokia 8.3 is 24 million pixels, continuing the cooperation with Zeiss, but the foreign media GSMArena said that the main camera of Nokia 8.3 is 64 million pixels.

In terms of battery life, Nokia 8.3 will be equipped with a 4500mAh battery, the charging power is unknown, but according to the understanding of overseas mobile phone manufacturers, it is estimated that it is about 10W. Since the screen does not support high brushes, the power consumption can still be held.

As for the price, the British retailer page shows that the 6GB+64GB version is priced at 499.98 pounds (approximately RMB 4500), and it is priced at about 600 euros (approximately RMB 4900) in other parts of Europe. Although in the eyes of domestic consumers, this configuration may be more expensive to sell to 4500, but after all, it is in Europe where prices are more expensive, and it is normal to be expensive.