Home-made game masterpiece hidden surprise egg Honor game book information exposed

Since Honor entered the notebook market, it has always caused a huge response in the industry. And now, the Honor of the game is also coming.

Earlier in August, the name and logo of the Honor Gaming Book were announced. The name was “Hunter” and the logo was very recognizable.

Recently, some netizens discovered the easter eggs of Honor Gaming Book on the well-known game platform Steam. Steam has launched a domestic 3D adventure decryption game “Yong Jin”. The Honor Gaming Book has been shown in the game’s CG animation many times. Hunter The darts are clearly visible in the animation.

It is understood that “Yong Jin” tells the story of the girl Ya, players need to use wisdom to solve various problems in the game.

Regarding the information about the Honor Gaming Notebook, only its name and logo are currently known, and more information is still unknown. For example, which processor is used, what material the fuselage is made of, whether it is light and thin enough, and the price, etc., these are all questions of interest to players. These issues will not be revealed until the launch of the press conference.