Home tool set is on the shelves of Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding, including screwdriver and hot melt gun

With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more household appliances, and the electrical equipment all over the home is inevitably maintained and repaired. For small screws that need to be disassembled in electrical repairs, professional and practical electric screwdrivers and hot melt glue guns are right-handed. On October 13th, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding tool set, including adjustable electric screwdriver, color glue hot melt gun, 40 in 1 anti-static manual screwdriver, produced by the company "Zhaihaojia" incubated by German tool manufacturer Wiha , The crowdfunding price starts at 99 yuan, the package is 399 yuan (USD $57) , and it is expected to ship on November 26.

Anti-static finishing screwdriver, 40in1, magnetic combination

The anti-static finishing screwdriver adopts the anti-static handle imported from Germany, which effectively eliminates the static electricity of the human body and the machine, and avoids damage to precision electrical appliances such as mobile phones, computers, and watches. The handle is small in size and easy to carry, and the head is designed with an eight-sided prism to prevent slippage and feel comfortable to hold.

The storage box contains 40 bits suitable for different types of screws, which can meet the needs of disassembling most household appliances. Bits are made of S2 alloy with a hardness of 60HRC. They are arranged in a V-shaped double row inside the storage box, which is convenient for replacing the bit. The bit and screwdriver adopt a magnetic connection design. As long as the bit is put in, it can be absorbed in place and easy to replace.

Adjustable screwdriver, ring fill light, multi-speed adjustment

The torque screwdriver adopts a classic pistol shape and is ergonomically designed. There is a ring fill light at the bit head, so you can work calmly in the dark. There is an indicator light on the back, the light moves with the core, and the direction of rotation is consistent with the batch head, which can clearly show the direction of rotation, which is convenient for users to switch between forward and reverse with one key.

This electric screwdriver also has multiple torque adjustments, which can select a minimum torque of 1 Nm and a maximum of 5 Nm for different scenarios. In measuring the concentricity of the deviation of the screwdriver, the spindle of the electric screwdriver has a runout of less than 0.1mm, which is much higher than the industry standard. At the same time, there is a patented push-type magazine at the bottom of the fuselage, which is equipped with 4 commonly used bits for easy switching.

Hot melt glue gun, 15 seconds glue, 1 hour battery life

This hot melt glue gun has a built-in high-efficiency MCH heating mechanism, which can quickly complete preheating and constant temperature sol in 15 seconds. At the same time, the indicator light turns from red to blue to remind the user of the working status of the machine, and the glue gun will automatically shut down after being idle for 2 minutes to prevent accidents.

The glue gun adopts a pull-out standing base, which is more beautiful while raising the gun head to prevent glue dripping. The body is equipped with a 4000 mAh high-capacity lithium battery, no need to tow the cable, and the battery life is up to one hour. At the same time, the color glue stick is also a good helper for manual work in addition to repairing, which can help children and craft lovers to create

This time, Xiaomi Youpin’s Zhaihao Home Furnishing tool portfolio crowdfunded on October 13 for 399 yuan (USD $57) followed the consistent simple design of Xiaomi Youpin, and the wireless design is more convenient for daily use. The adjustable torque electric screwdriver and 40in1 anti-static finishing screwdriver make it more professional and easy to maintain and repair electronic equipment at home. The hot melt glue gun also makes manual work more possible in addition to repairing furniture. The manufacturer of this product, wiha, a well-known German manufacturing company, has more than 80 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. It has sold many popular products at Xiaomi Youpin, helping many home users to use practical professional equipment.