HomePod mini officially released, spherical design, priced at 99 US dollars

The Apple Event officially opened at 1 a.m. on the evening of October 14th, Beijing time. The first appearance was not the much-anticipated iPhone 12 series, but the new HomePod member HomePod mini.

The shape of HomePod mini is close to a spherical shape, and the sound quality uses a full-frequency drive unit, and has a pair of passive radiators with high amplitude and vibration suppression, forming a sound experience that is consistent in all directions.

At the same time, HomePod mini also uses Apple S5 chip, which can intelligently analyze music information. Two HomePod minis can be used at the same time to form a stereo effect.

In addition, HomePod mini also has a built-in U1 chip, which can respond when the iPhone is close, and the playback control page will pop up on the phone.

Like all smart speakers, HomePod mini supports voice assistants, which can implement functions such as calling, sending messages, and controlling smart homes through voice. In addition, HomePod mini can also recognize the voice of every family member. The home phone function can be broadcast to the whole house HomePod through a HomePod mini.

In terms of price, HomePod mini is only priced at 99 US dollars, or about 668 yuan (USD $95) .