HomePod mini released small and powerful, the price is less than 1/3 of the standard version for $99

Home of iMobile, October 14 news at 1:00 am today. Apple’s new product online conference is here again. The conference venue is still Apple’s own Apple Park. After reviewing the products released in September, this conference is the first to appear It is a smart home product. The first new product is the new HomePod mini. It seems that the iPhone 12 series that everyone is looking forward to has been placed in a later position.

As the name suggests, HomePod mini will have a more compact form factor. The top of the HomePod mini will be a whole touch surface where users can control the speaker itself. At the same time, there will be rich light effects on the top to respond to the current scene and status.

According to reports, HomePod mini also has excellent listening effects. In addition to the large-size speaker unit, HomePod mini also has a built-in S5 chip that can quickly detect the surrounding environment and adjust audio effects at a speed of up to 180 times per second, which guarantees In order for users to have a 360° consistent listening experience, HomePod mini can be used in various environments to obtain a good listening experience.

Devices can also be synchronized between multiple HomePod minis, such as using two HomePod minis to experience stereo sound effects.

And through the U1 UWB (Ultra Wideband) positioning chip on the iPhone, the linkage between the iPhone and the HomePod mini will be more sensitive. When the iPhone is close to the HomePod mini, the phone will have all-round feedback including vision, hearing, and vibration.

HomePod mini can also become the hub of your smart home. You can easily control the full set of HomeKit smart homes through Siri. Of course, you can also directly call the mobile phone through Siri, including but not limited to applications and functions such as messaging, calling, and navigation.

HomePod can even easily link with CarPlay. For example, you can directly ask HomePod mini at home how to get to the nearest supermarket. After getting in the car, CarPlay will automatically open the navigation to the supermarket.

Apple has also introduced a new Intercom (Intercom System) function, users can directly use HomePod mini as a walkie-talkie, directly connecting the iPhone, iPad, HomePod and even CarPlay in the home and many other platforms to become a voice communication platform in the home.

Finally, the price announcement link that everyone is paying attention to has arrived. The HomePod mini is priced at 99 US dollars (about 668 yuan (USD $95) ). Compared with the standard HomePod, it may have a larger price advantage. It will start accepting reservations on November 6. Available in white and dark gray colors.