Honda says it will take the lead in mass production of L3 self-driving cars


According to reports, Japan's Honda Motor Co. said on Wednesday that the company will become the world's first enterprise to mass-produce L3 level autonomous vehicles, which allows vehicles to achieve autonomous driving under highway conditions.

Honda said in a media statement: “Honda plans to start selling Honda Legend luxury sedans equipped with the latest approved autonomous driving equipment by the end of 2021.”

Autonomous vehicles are the key technology that automakers are vying to pursue. In addition to auto companies, technology companies such as Google’s parent company Alphabet have also invested billions of dollars in this field, hoping to become a leader in the development of autonomous driving technology.

Earlier today, the Japanese government issued a safety certification to Honda’s "Traffic Jam Pilot" autonomous driving technology, which will legally allow drivers to look away from the road ahead.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan stated: “Autonomous vehicles are expected to play a major role in helping reduce traffic accidents, provide transportation for the elderly, and improve logistics efficiency.”

There are 6 levels of autonomous driving technology, L0 to L5, covering cars without automation, cars with simple automation functions such as endurance control, and cars that can fully realize autonomous driving. L5 autonomous vehicles do not need The steering wheel does not require brakes and accelerator pedals.

Currently, L2 self-driving vehicles can already be on the road. These vehicles can control their speed and direction. However, when the vehicle is driving, the driver must pay attention to the road surface and immediately intervene when needed to take over the control of the vehicle. In July of this year, American electric car manufacturer Tesla stated that the company is "very close" to achieving L5 autonomous driving.