Honda, Toyota, FCA and other auto companies announce extension of plant closures

According to foreign media reports, Toyota, Honda and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will not reopen their North American plants at the end of this month as planned due to the continued spread of the "fatal disease" new crown virus and its suppression of new cars, trucks and SUV demand. The FCA said on Thursday that operations and construction projects at its plants and headquarters across the United States and Canada will remain closed until April 14, depending on whether the state-of-the-news crown-related virus is in place and whether each plant is ready to resume production.


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FCA has been considered a key Mopar parts distribution center to ensure that rescuers and commercial vehicles are on the road and will continue to work with paid volunteers. The FCA concluded on Thursday in an e-mailed statement that its production status in Mexico will be announced separately.

At the same time, Ford, Toyota, and Honda also announced plans to extend plant closures. Ford also said it would extend the plant shutdown until April 7.

Honda said it will close all its car, engine and transmission plants in the United States and Canada in the first week of April and resume operations on April 7.

Toyota said its plant will remain closed until April 17 and production will resume on April 20. It is reported that Toyota has many plants in North America-including plants in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas-as well as Baja California and Guanajuato in Mexico. However, Toyota said its service parts warehouse and vehicle logistics center will continue to operate.

Earlier this month, major major automakers suspended their plants across the United States, Mexico and Canada. At the beginning, most companies planned to restart on March 31, but now as dates get closer, many automakers are delaying their schedules for restarting production lines.