Honor 30 series official announcement: Li Xiandai, meet with you on April 15

According to the news on March 31, Honor Mobile ’s official Weibo post said today that the Honor 30 series will be officially released on April 15 as scheduled, inviting everyone to explore the "beauty of light and shadow, and instantly fall in love."

As can be seen from the officially released posters, the Honor 30 mobile phone series may be dominated by flash silver, and then configured with other color fusion. The entire body color lines are soft, and the soft light effect makes the back of the phone have the effect of light and shadow flowing.

Previously, when Zhao Ming, President of the Honor Business Department, received media interviews after the release of the Honor 30S, many people asked about the news of the Honor 30. He revealed that the Honor 30 mobile phone series must be the best he can see after the Honor 8. The explosive model that young people like, it will bring strong impact to users in terms of performance and appearance, and the technology will be topped and full of confidence.

According to his answer, some netizens believe that the Honor 30 series may be equipped with a large outsole sensor. Furthermore, foreign media have previously reported that the Honor 30 series may match the new Sony IMX7xx. The main camera pixel is 50 million and the outsole size is 1 /1.3 inches, is the largest mobile phone sensor size on the market.

And on March 11th, Honor has a mobile phone that has entered the network and passed the national 3C certification. At the time, there was also information that it was the Honor 30 series. According to the network access news, this phone model is BMH-AN10, which is a 5G mobile phone that supports 40W fast charging.

Today, the Honor 30S pre-sale has officially started. The price starts from 2399 yuan (USD $343) , the reservation deposit is 100 yuan (USD $14) , and the first sale time is April 7. did you buy it?