Honor 30 series poster released on April 15th reveals trendy silver color

On the last day of March, the official Honor official Weibo official announced that the Honor 30 series will be officially released on April 15. At that time, the Honor Fashion Ambassador Li Xian will also join hands. You can see the Honor 30 from the poster of the official Honor mobile Weibo Back design. The Honor digital series has been well received, and the Honor 30 has still caused widespread speculation among users and the media.

Honor focuses on the young user group, and has been leading the mobile phone circle in color matching, leading the trend many times. Honor 30 and Li Xian officially broke out of silver color. According to Zhao Ming, President of Honor, Honor 30 is the most beautiful mobile phone after Honor 8, and it will impress young consumers like Honor 8.

From the official promotional poster, the Honor 30 or the main silver color, the back body has smooth light and shadow lines. Silver is the most popular color in the fashion industry this year. This year, many international big brands have adopted silver color as their main color. Honor 30 may use silver as the main color, and continue to create the most beautiful body, perfectly inheriting the trend gene of the Honor Digital series.

In addition to trendy color matching, the technical strength of the Honor 30 cannot be underestimated. In an exclusive interview with Honor's President Zhao Ming, Zhao Ming stated that as a key part of the strategic transformation of the Honor "Second Rocket", the Honor 30 series will be very stunning in terms of appearance, photos, and user experience. This product has Sufficient technical strength can be said to be full of confidence. "Energetic" is enough to reflect that the configuration of the Honor 30 series must be very high. Let's look forward to how big the energy is?

According to slashleaks, a well-known overseas media, this time, the Honor 30 series will use a new Sony custom sensor with a 1 / 1.3-inch outsole, which is currently the largest mobile phone sensor size on the market. Subsequently, another overseas media revealed that the Honor 30 main camera has 50 million pixels and the sensor is Sony IMX7xx. According to industry insiders, the Honor 30 series is equipped with the largest sensor so far, and its image strength is amazing. In addition, the Honor 30 series will also be equipped with industry-leading all-pixel focusing technology.

The Honor 30 series has the characteristics of high face value, strong photography, and extreme user experience. This product is amazing enough to look forward to. It is reported that the Honor 30 series is a strategic product of Honor, and the Honor 30 series is a top product in the Honor "Second Rocket" plan, a key step to realize the "derailment" of the Honor strategy. The Honor 30 series will meet consumer needs in all aspects, including the most beautiful color matching, camera strength, and user experience. The Honor 30 series will be unveiled on April 15.