Honor 30S cloud interview: the United States is born of "core", comprehensively promote the 5G market

Last night, Honor officially released its new digital series Honor 30S. As Honor's first 5G mobile phone in 2020, Honor 30S will debut Hisilicon Kirin 820 processor. The starting price of RMB 2399 points directly to the mainstream 5G market, and is called the "2020 Trend Pioneer".

After the press conference, we conducted an online interview with Zhao Ming, President of Honor, and discussed more about the Honor 30S and its debut Hisilicon 820 processor outside the press conference. In addition, this interview also contains some information about the Honor 30 series.

Honor 30S product positioning

Honor believes that 2020 is the year of 5G development, so more consumers will use 5G mobile phones this year, and the relevant market will become very hot.

In this context, the identity of Honor 30S is particularly prominent. It is not only the beginning of Honor 2020, the first product of the Honor 30 series, but the second 5G mobile phone of the Honor family after V30. More importantly, this phone is the first product Honor launched to penetrate and expand the 5G smartphone market.

Therefore, the Honor 30S is priced at 2,000 to 1,500 yuan (USD $214) , because 2399 yuan (USD $343) is the price of 5G products that most consumers can accept. According to this demand, together with a powerful SoC such as Shanghai Siqilin 820, the Honor 30S will definitely bring the benchmark experience in the 5G era, so consumers with budgets within this range will hardly need to think about which phone is better.

According to the current online comments, the experience of Honor 30S is much higher than that of competing products, and Honor officials have not considered it. As the first launch model of Hisilicon Kirin 820, Honor 30S is positioned within the brand as a product with a sales volume of 10 million, so the original intention is to create explosive models, allowing people to buy 5G mobile phones without hesitation.

What is the mission of Hisilicon Kirin 820, and which competing products are being benchmarked at the same time?

Hisilicon Kirin 820 is a 5G product that can be universally popularized. It is different from the flagship positioning of Kirin 990, which does not represent the industry's leading level, but it needs to strike a good balance between performance and price.

In addition, Hisilicon 820, while undertaking the mission of popularizing 5G mobile phones, is positioned at least above mid-range. Because for Honor, 5G products must not only have comprehensive 5G capabilities, but also be able to set product benchmarks and have sufficient performance.

As for competing products, Zhao Ming said that Hisilicon 820 may not find a suitable benchmark this year. Because Kirin 820 is a 5G SoC, it is also a high-end chip, but other mid-range SoCs are worse than it. As for Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, it is neither SoC nor separate.

If compared with the products below, there will always be a bit of bullying, and it is not SoC compared to the other, so HiSilicon 820 should not find competing products this year, but related products should appear next year.

The Honor 30 series is about to be released. Is there any relevant information?

Because the protagonist of this time is Honor 30S, the Honor team said before the press conference that it is not time to reveal the 30 series, but it can be said that some basic information.

The first thing to make sure is that there is more than one Honor 30 series, and it will be the most beautifully designed mobile phone in the product line after Honor 8, and once again create the super-honor flagship Honor series positioning. In addition, the series will include a large number of black technologies.

Honor will use “competitive products”, “expansion channels”, “ecological” and “young” brands as “second-level rockets” to achieve “track change” and fully meet the needs of consumers worldwide.

As a key part to promote the strategic transformation of Honor's "Second Rocket", the Honor 30 series will be very stunning in terms of appearance, photos, and user experience. This product has enough technical peaking strength and can be said to be full of confidence .

How to interpret the five standards of smart screens

Honor's definition of the smart screen category is multi-screen fusion, becoming a user's home center. After entering the relevant market, Honor found that there are currently misunderstandings on the market: equating screen resolution with image quality, larger screen means higher end, neglecting the impact of chips on audio and image quality. Manufacturers mainly market TV screens. The larger the size, the better the marketing volume. This is the best way to win.

However, after comparing various products, Honor found that there are many problems in the current products on the market. Therefore, it has put forward high requirements in terms of picture quality and sound quality. And Honor hopes that the industry should also be self-disciplined. It should tell consumers what products and experiences are truly high-quality, otherwise everyone is concerned about products lacking scientific and technological content.

Regarding the boot advertisement, Honor believes that it violates the user's right to know and choose. Because TV or smart screens belong to the personal property of consumers, in this case, forcing users to watch advertisements has no commercial support. So Honor continues to call on the industry to self-discipline and return consumers' rights to consumers.

Views on the status of the industry

Honor welcomes the normal market competition for the trend of high-end and high-price flagships of friends and businesses. The healthy competition between peers can promote the development of commerce and technology, and also allow consumers to obtain more benefits. But if you keep saying something that might be overdone, you will fall into another vicious circle.

So for the "behind the scenes" competition, Honor will continue to adhere to the bottom line and promote healthy competition. Because this industry needs more players and brands to support, this can provide users with better services.

Regarding the high pixel strategy of friends and merchants, Honor has always insisted on the balance of a comprehensive experience when taking photos. For example, it is not only required to take pictures clearly, but also to focus and shoot out quickly. The moment you press the shutter, what you see is what you get, and you have the same great experience in low light conditions.

Therefore, in addition to large pixels, we must also pursue outsole, photosensitive, ultra-sensitive and various algorithms. On the Honor 30S, through a 64-megapixel full-focus AI four-camera solution, Honor provides a very comprehensive experience that can meet consumer needs.