Honor 30S conference official announcement: or start Hisilicon Kirin 820

This morning, the official Honor mobile phone Weibo announced that the new Honor 30S will hold a new product launch on March 30.

From the poster and other related Weibo, we can see that this product is the main chip, so the previously announced Hisilicon Kirin 820 5G processor may be released.

Honor Mobile official said that this is a milestone product that allows users to experience the leading technology in the 5G era, so it should use a new processor.

According to previous reports, Hisilicon Kirin 820 5G chip will use ARM Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU architecture, 7nm or 6nm process. The ISP and NPU of this chip will also be fully upgraded to support Kirin Gaming + technology, and the NPU will continue to use Huawei's self-developed DaVinci architecture.

In contrast, the previous Hisilicon Kirin 810 uses an ARM Cortex-A76 + Cortex-A55 eight-core CPU and a customized six-core Mali-G52 GPU, and the processor uses a 7nm process. Relying on the comprehensive performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, Hisilicon 810 performed exceptionally well in the mid-to-high-end mobile phone market last year. This time Hisilicon 820 is an upgrade of the 810. From the perspective of the news, it is mainly to upgrade the GPU and network capabilities, and the capabilities are strengthened again, which is worth looking forward to.

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In addition, the Honor 30S is expected to adopt a side fingerprint recognition scheme, a matrix-type rear four camera system, and a 40W power adapter to support higher-speed fast charging. On March 30, the United States was born of "Xin", the Honor 30S new product worthy of attention.