Honor double eleven battle report 1+8+N strategy highlights the outstanding achievements of smart life products

The double eleven shopping carnival that lasted for nearly half a month has come to an end, and the sales of major e-commerce platforms have broken records. As the most popular technology brand among young people, the sales of many of Honor’s products have set records. In the early hours of this morning, Honor Smart Life’s official Weibo released the Double Eleven battle report and announced the birth of the 11 major HONOR Life categories. Among them, the full-platform sales of Honor Smart Life category broke last year’s all-day record in only 12 hours, and the full-platform sales of Honor Pro-selected products increased by 150% from the 1st to the 11th.

Honor has always advocated the double eleven shopping carnival with quality, character and taste. The dazzling sales figures are not only consumers’ affirmation of Honor, but also reflect consumers’ changes in the concept of replacement and their pursuit of quality.

According to the battle report, Honor Band 6 has the most sales volume of HONOR Life. As another masterpiece in the Honor Band category, Honor Band 6 has achieved fruitful results since its first sale, demonstrating the market’s affirmation of Honor Band 6.

In the current homogenization of smart Bands, Honor Band 6 introduces the concept of a full screen into the Band for the first time. It is equipped with a large 1.47-inch full-color screen, which has a screen-to-body ratio that is nearly double that of similar Bands! Moreover, in order to ensure the visual effect of “a whole screen”, Honor Band 6 breaks through the traditional craftsmanship, and the touch key that is generally on the front is carefully placed on the side of the Band. While ensuring a full screen, it also allows the smart Band to achieve a mobile-like interactive experience, making the smart Band increasingly an independent individual, promoting the development of the industry, and being the leader of the full screen of the Band.

The Honor Smart Screen has attracted people’s attention since its launch. Honor repositioned the large-screen living room equipment and launched the Honor Smart Screen series, which is also the world’s first device equipped with the Hongmeng system. In the Double Eleven, Honor Smart Screen won the highest sales result in one fell swoop.

As the first Hongmeng OS terminal, the Honor Smart Screen product, a full-scene distributed OS based on a microkernel, can connect to mobile phones, TVs, tablets and IoT devices in the future. To make multiple devices unified and efficient, the later Honor Smart Screen will also be upgraded to Hongmeng OS 2.0. Hongmeng has higher scalability and security, enabling it to interact with multiple terminals, determining the delay engine and high-performance IPC technology Realize the natural smoothness of the system and multi-terminal deployment. Honor Smart Screen not only has inherent advantages in the system, but also surpasses the same level in hardware.

Last year’s Double Eleven broke 10,000 in two hours, and this year, it’s a higher level to achieve a 20-minute break of 10,000. This actually shows that users know what a good product is and can pay for a good product. Honor as a newcomer The fledgling has become a breaker.

In addition, Honor notebooks, Honor tablets, and Honor routers have also achieved good sales results. Judging from the Honor Double Eleven report card, in the 1+8+N strategy, the strategic position of “8” is becoming more and more important. 1 is a mobile phone. 8 is tablet, PC, wearable, etc., extending from the advantages of mobile phones to the periphery, and striving to be the first in every field. Looking back today, in less than three years, watches, earphones, and tablets have all achieved the No. 1 market share in China, and one after another explosive models have been born.

From the performance of Honor products in the market, it can be seen that the share and influence of each category are increasing, and a 1+8+N full-scene hardware ecology has been gradually formed over ten years. Strategically speaking, Honor is not pursuing an increase in single product sales, but an intelligent life in all scenarios. Among them, the status of the “+” sign is very special.

2020 is about to pass. How will 5G and AI change our lives? This is like the changes in the mobile Internet. It is not visible in a day or two, and it takes a long process. Today, Honor’s 1+8+N full-scenario smart life is to guide users to migrate from the experience of the product to the smart life experience.