Honor Earbuds 2 SE Noise Cancelling Headphones Review: The 500 yuan (USD $71) gear has the strongest overall quality!

1. Foreword: The battery life of mid-range true wireless noise-cancelling headphones is greatly improved this time

Last year, the price of true wireless active noise reduction headphones was mostly more than 1,000 yuan (USD $143) , but now, you can start with less than 500 yuan (USD $71) , so that users who are plagued by noise have a more cost-effective choice.

At this level of 500 yuan (USD $71) or less, the competition for true wireless active noise reduction headphones is particularly fierce. Many products have an advantage in price by virtue of simple housing design, or the difference in functions of smaller batteries.

However, for ordinary users, they naturally want better products under a limited budget. The reduction of casing, battery and other parts may not be the best choice. Therefore, Honor combines the needs of users and launches a model in this A new product integrating many technologies in the price range-Honor Earbuds 2 SE.

32小时超长续航!荣耀Earbuds 2 SE降噪耳机评测: 价格下来 配置不减

Compared with similar products, Honor Earbuds 2 SE has more advantages in terms of battery capacity, energy density, and charging speed. It has a long comprehensive battery life of up to 32 hours, which makes it have a better experience in daily use. According to normal use habits, three days are more than sufficient, allowing users to formally bid farewell to “life anxiety” when using true wireless headphones. “.

In addition to the outstanding feature of long battery life, the Honor Earbuds 2 SE is also a standard true wireless active noise reduction headset. It supports three major functions: active noise reduction, call noise reduction, and environmental sound transparent transmission, allowing users to get a quiet life experience in daily life, and can also listen to outside sounds through transparent transmission mode when necessary.

The design of the Honor Earbuds 2 SE is very textured. Unlike many frosted shells used in the same gear, the Honor Earbuds 2 SE uses the same paint material as the high-end earbuds. White shiny surface + streamlined shape, good-looking and better to wear, can provide a comfortable wearing feeling.

Next, let us take a look at the Honor Earbuds 2 SE to understand how this active noise reduction true wireless headset rookie performs.

32小时超长续航!荣耀Earbuds 2 SE降噪耳机评测: 价格下来 配置不减