Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition won the IFA 2020 Innovation Gold Award

On September 4, Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition won the “High Performance Innovative Notebook Gold Award” at IFA 2020. This is the first time that Honor MagicBook Pro notebooks have won the award. As a rising star in the notebook industry, Honor is gaining the favor of global consumers by continuously launching innovative products.

The Honor MagicBook Pro Ruilong Edition has been highly concerned by the industry and recognized by consumers since its release. Therefore, in the IFA official awards speech, it is pointed out that “Honor MagicBook Pro’s’lightweight + performance’ in the large screen market is the first of its kind.”

In the award speech, IFA also summarized the product features of Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition, stating that “the new generation of MagicBook Pro is the world’s first 16.1-inch AMD thin and light notebook, and for the first time includes performance mode adjustment functions. In this mode , Notebook computers provide higher power consumption limits and fan speeds to obtain stronger performance. It meets the different needs of different users for performance, mute and heat dissipation in different scenarios.

Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition notebook is the first to be equipped with a 16.1-inch large screen, ultra-narrow bezel design, screen-to-body ratio of 90%, 300nit (typical) brightness, 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, and anti-glare screen also passed national ophthalmological diagnosis With the certification of the Therapeutic Engineering Technology Research Center, the German Rheinland Flicker-free certification and other indicators can effectively relieve eye fatigue when using the notebook for a long time.

In terms of performance, as a thin and light notebook, the Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition is equipped with Ryzen 5 4600H (6 cores and 12 threads)/AMD Ryzen 7 4800H (8 cores and 16 threads). In our new product evaluation, Ryzen 7 4800H In the CineBench R20 evaluation, the multi-core score reached 5008pxs and the single-core 647pxs; the Geekbench benchmark single-core score was 1171, and the multi-core score was as high as 7008.

In addition, in order to achieve stable performance, the Honor MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition adopts dual heat pipes and dual fan cooling modules with left and right layouts in terms of heat dissipation, and adopts a shark fin 2.0 bionic design cooling fan. The air volume is 20% higher than that of ordinary fans. At the same time, there are six temperature sensors built into the fuselage, with Xuanbo drive technology and dual fan intelligent linkage, which can effectively reduce fan noise while exerting performance.

The brand-new Honor MagicBook Pro is not only lighter, thinner and more portable in appearance, its larger screen, excellent visual quality, and super performance all bring users the ultimate experience. In addition, this notebook also realizes the multi-screen collaboration function. While improving work efficiency, it also revolutionized the interconnection experience between mobile phones and notebooks, becoming a model of innovation for many thin and light notebook computers.

As IFA said in the evaluation, “With excellent appearance and screen quality, powerful performance and heat dissipation capacity, comprehensive and balanced configuration, and characteristic multi-screen collaboration experience, the MagicBook Pro Ryzen Edition is undoubtedly the mainstream price feature in 2020. The most comprehensive large-screen light notebook.”