Honor V40 conference highlights summary: performance and screen may have new breakthroughs

The Honor V40 will be officially released on January 22. This time Honor brings the first product after independence, and the V series is also the flagship series of Honor. This conference can be said to be full of highlights. There has been a lot of exposure information about the Honor V40 earlier, such as the use of curved screens, Dimensity 1000+ processors, and so on. Now let’s sort out this information and see what’s interesting about this conference.

6.72 inch curved screen + metal frame

The Honor V40 uses a curved screen. Judging from the exposed pictures, the edge of the screen is bent close to 90 degrees, similar to the 88° super-curved ring screen of Huawei Mate40 Pro. In addition, it can be seen that the frame of the Honor V40 is made of metal and polished, so that the metal frame brings a very good texture, which not only has a higher appearance, but also makes the Honor V40 appear more high-end.

120Hz high refresh frequency

Regarding the Honor V40’s screen, there was also news on the Internet earlier that it was using a 6.72-inch screen. This screen uses double digging, and supports up to 120Hz screen refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling frequency, which is also the current screen. High-end configuration.

Dimensity 1000+ processor

The GameBench report shows that the Honor V40 is codenamed NWE-AN10, and the GPU model is Mali-G77 MC9. This is also the GPU used by Dimensity 1000+, which also proves the news that Honor V40 adopts Dimensity 1000+. The test exposure shows that the Honor V40 can run the 90-frame high frame rate mode of “Peace Elite”, which also proves that the screen of the Honor V40 is a high refresh rate screen. In addition, it can be seen that the median of the frame rate during the whole test is 90 frames, and the frame number stability rate has reached 95%. Judging from the frame rate curve, the Honor V40 was basically maintained at 90 frames throughout the test, without major fluctuations, and the game played stable.

66W+50W dual fast charge

Rhine certification has launched the Honor YOK-AN10 (Honor V40) safe fast charge certification certificate. The certificate shows that Honor V40 will support wireless fast charging up to 50W. Previously, the CQC certification website revealed that the wired fast charge of the Honor V40 will reach 66W, and its charging and battery life will have a good performance.

The price is 3999 yuan (USD $571) ?

  Recently, some netizens uploaded the appointment information of Honor offline stores, and accidentally exposed the price of Honor V40 in advance. Judging from the promotional information, the 8+128 version of Honor V40 only sells for 3999 yuan (USD $571) , which is similar to the Honor channel passed online some time ago. The prices of warehouse outbound orders are basically the same, which can be said to further increase the credibility of the information.

The Honor V40 conference will be held soon, and the configuration and price of the Honor V40 will be announced soon. This conference will not only bring the Honor V40, but also release new products such as the Honor MagicBook and smart screen. These new products are also very exciting.