Honor V40 officially released: 1 billion color retina super-sensing screen starting at 3599 yuan (USD $514)

[January 22, Shenzhen] Honor V40 was officially released at the 2021 Honor New Product Launch. Just as the brand new Slogan is “unpredictable” this time, Honor V40 not only integrates rational rectangular space and perceptual color change in ID design, but also uses a 1:3:9:27 equal-ratio rectangular sequence to re-divide the plane and display A logical aesthetics that redefines order is also equipped with an industry-leading 1 billion color retina super-sensing screen, 6.72-inch 80° super-curved screen, up to 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate, bringing users An unprecedented look and feel experience.

In terms of experience, the Honor V40 integrates Honor’s years of innovative technology with the industry’s common chip platform to give full play to the potential of the hardware platform. The Honor V40 has added a newly upgraded GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, which improves the graphics computing capabilities of hardware and software together, greatly improving game performance. In terms of images, the Honor V40 is equipped with a flagship 50 million high-definition main camera, and continues the exclusive deeply customized RYYB photosensitive pixel matrix, which increases the sensitivity by 40%. In addition, the Honor V40 is also equipped with 66W wired +50W wireless dual super fast charging function.

This time, the Honor V40 has three new colors: Magic Night Black, Titanium Silver, and Rose Gold. The two memory versions of 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB are priced at 3599 yuan (USD $514) and 3999 yuan (USD $571) respectively. They will be launched on January 22, 2021. The online and offline platform will be fully launched at 12:00 on the day. Users can log in to the Honor Mall and major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to the Honor Experience Store and Honor authorized retail stores to purchase.

Pioneer design redefines order aesthetics

Adhering to the series concept of integrating avant-garde art and leading technology, the Honor V40’s exterior design has made a further breakthrough. It combines avant-garde attitude with the concept of restructuring order, and integrates rational rectangular space with perceptual color changes, using multiple 1 :3:9:27 The equal-ratio rectangular sequence re-divides the plane, creating a multi-dimensional recursive visual structure on the plane, showing a logical aesthetic that redefines order.

Honor V40 has three colors, space silver, rose gold and magic night black. The back material adopts double-layer texture coating + masking AG technology. The matte glass and high-gloss glass are seamlessly connected to show the material Extreme exploration, both delicate grip and visual high-level sense, unique personality and recognition, plus an 8.04mm, 186g ultra-thin body, to bring users a balance of feel and beauty. Three different styles of color matching, as well as the processing of the craft, better meet the young people’s choice and demand for fashion and color.

1 billion color retina super-sensing screen knows the temperature, brightness and darkness

In terms of screen, Honor V40 is also ushered in a new upgrade, equipped with a 6.72-inch 80° ultra-curved OLED waterfall screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 93.24%. What’s more worth mentioning is that this is also the current industry-leading 1 billion-color retina-level super-sensing screen. Not only does the pixel density reach 440 PPI at the retina level, it also supports 1 billion-color primary color display, and the color depth is 64 million higher than the traditional 16.7 million colors. The color transition is more delicate and smooth, bringing a super visual experience.

The Honor V40 screen supports P3 wide color gamut display, with richer colors and more realistic restoration. At the same time, it also introduces a color management system for the first time. It can be accurate regardless of whether the picture, video, or App uses sRGB, P3 or Rec.2020 color coding format. Ground conversion to P3 color gamut, showing rich color and detail reproduction on the screen. In addition, each Honor V40 screen is calibrated after the production line color temperature, ensuring that every user has the same accurate and perfect color experience. At the same time, the Honor V40 has a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz. When browsing the web and playing games, you can see less smear and smoother display effects, allowing consumers to intuitively feel the high-quality screen details and colors.

Through a professional color temperature sensor and ambient light sensor, Honor V40 also integrates an ambient light management system, which can sense the temperature and brightness of the ambient light in real time, and dynamically adjust the color according to the color temperature under different light to achieve automatic color temperature calibration, 4096-level screen Brightness adjustment, so that the screen always maintains the best visual impression. As a result, Honor V40 also obtained the first TÜV Rheinland Global Eye Care 2.0 certification.

Three core engines release performance potential to fully escort the gaming experience

Honor V40 integrates three innovative technologies, including GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, Hunter Boost game full blood engine, and super-sensing touch engine based on the basic chip capabilities, to escort the gaming experience in all directions.

The newly upgraded GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine breaks the previous idea of improving GPU performance in game screen rendering, and optimizes game logic processing and rendering processing globally. Optimize the picture quality through the global perception of the AI model, reduce the total load of graphics processing, and further optimize the resource allocation between GPU/CPU to achieve more efficient graphics rendering, higher frame rate of the game, and better Game experience.

The newly added Hunter Boost hunter game full engine, just turn on the Hunter Boost switch in the game assistant, so that the chip can operate at full frequency and full load at full speed, and the gaming-grade heat dissipation back clip can keep the phone for a long time Calm down, fully release the ability of the chip, and accelerate with full blood.

The Honor V40 has a built-in super-sensing touch engine that uses AI algorithms to achieve chip-level touch response, making the 120Hz screen refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate perfect match, and the screen response speed is faster, helping players to be one step ahead in the game. The super-sensing touch engine can also learn from massive amounts of data, and dynamically adjust the anti-mistouch area and mistouch improvement schemes according to different scenarios such as games, typing, and video, effectively avoiding the problem of mistouching the edges of the super curved screen.

It is worth mentioning that this time with excellent hardware and system tuning, Honor V40 won the double championship in the two tests of “stable and smooth” and “dynamic and smooth” in the performance laboratory of Master Lu.

In order to create an immersive gaming experience, Honor V40 is equipped with dual stereo speakers with steady bass and clear treble, bringing surround sound experience to gaming and movie scenes. The dual linear motor, which has been adapted and adjusted with many game manufacturers, can also bring immersive and real shock. At the same time, Honor also cooperated with Baidu Input Method and Cherry to customize a simulated mechanical keyboard to bring consumers an independent shock experience.

In terms of battery life, Honor V40 is equipped with 66W wired +50W wireless dual super fast charge function, of which 66W wired fast charge function can charge to 60% in 15 minutes and charge to 100% in 35 minutes; 50W wireless super fast charge function, 30 minutes It takes only 55 minutes to charge to 50%. Such fast charging efficiency can effectively solve the user’s power anxiety.

5G experience is still a benchmark, strong performance in communications

Honor mobile phone’s experience in 5G communication is always far ahead. The Honor V40 supports the smart dual 5G experience, dual cards are simultaneously 5G on the network, realizes the switch of smart dual 5G data, and maintains the stability of the network. When the signal of card 1 is not good, it can automatically switch to the 5G network of card 2 Perform data transfer. At the same time, Honor V40 can cover all network frequency bands of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Radio and Television. It has industry-leading carrier aggregation technology and supports 5G NR CA dual-carrier technology. The current network download speed can reach up to 2Gb per second, allowing Internet downloads Faster and more stable.

In addition to 5G, LINK Turbo’s four-network collaboration technology also brings a stronger communication experience. When a single network cannot meet the communication requirements, other networks seamlessly join the collaborative work, and according to the application scenario, intelligently dispatch the data channel to create a smoother communication experience, which can download large files at high speed, low game latency, and fast forward video without freezing , Bring a fast experience without waiting.

In addition, the Honor V40 also supports lane-level navigation functions, and cooperates with AutoNavi Maps and Qianxun Location. In road conditions such as junctions and complex overpasses, the mobile phone can provide more accurate road navigation in time.

50 million RYYB ultra-sensitive pixel matrix full-link imaging technology capabilities

In terms of imaging, Honor has full-link imaging technology capabilities, from the computing power of ISP and NPU, leading RAW domain AI algorithms, to lenses and sensors, with a large amount of technical reserves and innovations, opening up imaging technology from the entire link , Let the image strength continue to improve.

The Honor V40 is equipped with a 50-megapixel RYYB ultra-high-sensitivity solution camera, with a 1/1.56 inch outsole, 4-in-1 equivalent 2.0um large pixels, which can increase the amount of light by 40%, laying a solid foundation for dark night photography Hardware foundation. With AI RAW super portrait engine technology, the portrait is more three-dimensional.

In addition, Honor V40 also supports 4K time-lapse HDR photography, 1920fps super slow motion, super portrait night scene and front and rear dual scene recording, giving consumers an unprecedented image experience.

Magic UI4.0 smart experience

The Honor V40 is equipped with the newly upgraded Magic UI 4.0 system, supports multi-screen collaboration, helps users to achieve cross-platform operations, supports memo scanning documents, document scanning correction, text recognition and extraction functions, and versatile translation functions to improve office and learning efficiency. At the same time, Honor V40 has also added a custom smart AOD (Always on Display) function, which users can match according to their own preferences.

At the press conference, Honor also brought a brand-new MagicBook 14/15 series products, with screen, performance and productivity enhancement as the core selling points, fully covering the main groups of personal consumer users. The newly upgraded multi-screen collaboration function supports “three windows with multiple openings” and “one main and two assistants” three windows to work together at the same time, which will greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, Honor Watch GS Pro and Discovery Channel have launched a new color scheme for Mysterious Starry Sky. It applies the brilliant color of Venus to the design of the bezel and side buttons. At the same time, it redefines the wrist with manual polishing, drawing and etching techniques. fashion. In terms of function, the mysterious starry sky color matching continues the 25-day long battery life, 103 sports modes, and comprehensive health management.

In terms of price, the Honor V40 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB are priced at 3599 yuan (USD $514) and 3999 yuan (USD $571) respectively. At 12:00 on January 22, 2020, the Honor V40 will start pre-sale. The Honor V40 will be fully available online and offline. Users can log in to the Honor Mall and all major authorized e-commerce platforms or go to the Honor Experience Store and Honor Authorized Retail Stores to purchase.